Minecraft: Epic Jump Map Valentines! Part 1

Minecraft: Epic Jump Map Valentines! Part 1

Wanna play this awesome map!?! Here it is! RUNNNN!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unASLReTqPI&list=UUHRhlf-UGgfolYOTaFxM2rQ&index=3 Map maker’s channel: ht…
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22 Responses to Minecraft: Epic Jump Map Valentines! Part 1

  1. r49066 says:

    Why is deadlox skin pink. No wonder his skin was pink in epic jump map sky butter edition

  2. SurfGuy808X says:

    I just came to see him running all over the other side xD

  3. PinkvanWoozworld says:

    Wow he was recording to xD

  4. Matthew A says:

    He’s talkin about Madagascar

  5. axmattei says:

    I don’t get it

  6. Kevin Kitakikijick says:

    You and Sky are funny

  7. SarahWalton LuvsGummyBears says:

    0:24 Wait…I thought Sky was with Dawn…WHAT HAPPENED?

  8. TransformersGuy55 says:

    sky and minecraftuniverse and deadlox are like best friends and he made up dillon idk bout jeffery but still,idiot

  9. nikostanley1 says:

    I want to laugh SO hard, but I’m feeling sick and I think if I laugh I’ll puke. :(

  10. nikostanley1 says:

    I just came here to see Deadlox still recording when Sky was getting the texture pack xD

  11. FallenZyo says:


  12. Neil Stevenson says:


  13. Liz Resha says:

    deadlox: see what i have to put up with guys!! sky: no,no,no,no…

  14. CreeperBoss101 says:

    Gold Is nothing

  15. iwillcoment says:

    Lol deadlox why!

  16. kingofvoodoo22 says:

    some ass hat who copies butter

  17. mike stutesman says:

    bodill 40

  18. Jonathan Koenig says:

    What the hell is gold!!!

  19. PhilGames360 says:

    BODILLL 40

  20. Matthew Sanmiguel says:

    I watched sky’s video first

  21. jagamingnet says:

    what does sky have about bodil40?

  22. creeperzreeperz says:

    I watched skys point of view first and when he said deadlox didnt stop recording I didn’t believe him

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