Minecraft | GOOGLE SEARCH IN MINECRAFT! | SEARCH GOOGLE | NO MODS! (Minecraft Redstone) Welcome Drumstick with some likes! 😀 | Don’t miss an episode!▻http://bit.ly/SubLog Google …
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19 Responses to Minecraft | GOOGLE SEARCH IN MINECRAFT! | SEARCH GOOGLE | NO MODS! (Minecraft Redstone)

  1. NE8 says:

    Like for Logdotzip Comment for Merome Ignore to have sex with Justin Bieber 

  2. TheRedEngineer says:

    Ok, when i saw the subscribers number growing i said: “someone did a video on one of my creations”. Thank you all guys and thanks Logdotzip for showcasing it! 3:46 best moment!!! *Welcome **Drumstick** !!*

  3. Logdotzip says:

    Welcome Drumstick to his first recent redstone video! Check out GOOGLE in Minecraft!

  4. Billy Amer says:

    Make pornhub a search term

  5. Nerd Ambassadors says:

    Chuck Norris is so awesome he counted to infinite twice

  6. Hector Rajado Sanchez says:

    How do you add terms? Please I would like to add some of my own

  7. Adam Eason says:

    Do you think Drumstick would like Lemings? (watch my channel to find out who Lemings is!)

  8. Son_of_Ender25 says:

    Term you should add: Son_of_Ender25: He’s a really cool guy check out his channel 😐 In reality though, add minecraft: No matter who you are, you’re being controlled by a higher deity. You don’t know who he is, but he controls your motions and feelings and what you say, and you can’t do anything about it. He sits at a computer, controlling you for fun. Everyone you ever knew in this blocky world is controlled by him. Escape.

  9. Isaac Fink says:

    Drumstick the chicken is a copy of Treyaraus the villager from the diamond Minecart. He’s trying to be like him, still cool though.

  10. Dot_Dash says:

    How’d you do the skit where he ate your head? Was quite funny, haha.

  11. Timmy Lunney says:

    Search milog1!

  12. Jomy Jonathan says:

    how do you get drumstick to respond… im so confused

  13. Minecraft Guru says:

    ADD YO FACE! (No really, add the words “Yo Face”.)

  14. Matthew Lyall says:

    Search “jumpscare” and you die and hear an endearment death sound

  15. Aslèra says:

    Please search do a barrel roll

  16. Rhogar Gaming says:

    i am seriously dissapointed in humanity at this point for this excuse of entertainment.

  17. Chan Colin says:

    Add every thing that’s in Wikipedia .

  18. The Epic Gamer says:

    search Muh Nado (In real) and put a funny pic link (in MC)

  19. GideonCahill - Minecraft PVP and More says:

    are people that lazy?

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