Minecraft: Hunger Games Survival w/ CaptainSparklez & Friends – Part 1

Beware of spoilers in the comments section* A friendly competition based loosely upon the story line of the Hunger Games. You can find the map here: http://…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to Minecraft: Hunger Games Survival w/ CaptainSparklez & Friends – Part 1

  1. MechanicalFire23 says:

    I wish I could play the last time I joined a hunger games I won but I got kicked because i won and they got Marty

  2. Minecraftlover419 says:


  3. Micael Serna says:

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  4. exoygen says:

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  5. Hunter Newman says:

    what server is this

  6. LPSBlair2 says:

    I think they are both great and we all have our own opinions why are you watching? Just so you can make those comments I don’t get people like you…..!

  7. dudeaz09 says:

    lol i find it amusing that there are chest un-found that have boss gear…

  8. Jonathan Hurst says:

    How long did it take to build the arena!?

  9. Tim Bernardo says:

    how do u join the survival games?

  10. GrimDoesMineCraft says:

    Shut up Jack

  11. Bruceisthapro says:

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  12. Jack Mccrudden says:

    Sky’s better u nigga

  13. RageCrafter2000 says:

    You should check out my hunger games i suck at it captain sparklez is epic!!! Please check my vidio’s if you enjoy minecraft

  14. NUK3DR4GON200 says:

    We will get killed in 2 seconds (14 minutes)

  15. MrFreekfreek123 says:

    24/7 Minecraft server Join now!!! ip: Multikraft.us OR HungerGames Ip: hg1.multikraft.us (Spleef)(Skyblock)(Painball)(H­ungerGames)(PVP Arena) ( Factions) 

  16. haysha agudo says:

    i dont realy think he is funny hes kinda of boring

  17. johnson gudd says:

    hahhahah connection lost!!! lol

  18. josie wells says:

    YOU KILLED CUPQUAKE HOW DARE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. BlueBaconSims says:

    Actually it was August!

  20. Spencer Carmichael says:

    thrift shop did not come out till june

  21. catdaddymaniac2 says:

    synducate wtf!!!

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