Minecraft Map Seed – Hidden Books of Magic! (and Channel Update)

Minecraft 1.4.7 map seed with an NPC village has hidden secrets below the town (books of magic!) Also, I chat about my channel and videos and what’s been going on lately. Map seed: -1405828113236977876 Discuss @ punchwood.com! bit.ly WEB: www.punchwood.com TWITTER: twitter.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com Get Minecraft here: minecraft.net

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21 Responses to Minecraft Map Seed – Hidden Books of Magic! (and Channel Update)

  1. TulleTerje says:

    That’s true, but I don’t have to like it and I’m free to cancel my subscription for whatever reason I choose. I hate ads, so I unsubscribe. I wish Paul best of luck, but as long as he got those annoying ads on his channel I don’t want to subscribe to his vids. That’s all =)

  2. nbairen says:

    I found fortune III once

  3. plantloverzombiehate says:

    Play those servers

  4. Anitra Beinare says:

    Paul, could you do a tutorial series on the pocket edition? I only have minecraft on tablet, but ordinary tutorials will not help. Like, so Paul can see.

  5. Bill Frye says:

    Paul Could you do a tutorial on how to add a MOD to your Vanilla Minecraft server.

  6. zebra fail says:

    This vid made on my bday :)

  7. Jarod Estes says:

    2 villages, 3 dungeons, a temple, and a mineshaft? Paul, you lucky quack-quack!

  8. TheKillerBunny6 says:

    Join my minecraft Server PvPSurvivalCraft Essentials, Factions, MCmmo NO WHITELIST!!!! 24/7

  9. K Soares says:

    Holy crap. My last name is Soares, and I live on the East Coast

  10. nyanswag7 says:

    Do the aether

  11. Ivan Burashnikov says:

    +++PLEASE READ+++ Hi! I’m Ivan, and I made some minecraft videos! I hope you watch it and spare some time with my channel.I have 2 Fellow subscribers! Please come! 😀

  12. Gavin Flores says:

    Please do more mines

  13. Gavin Flores says:

    Please do more Nunez

  14. StevenKanaal says:


  15. heatcanonbolt3345 says:

    Heres an awesome seed -6694408115800619852 you spawn in a winter forest go forward and you pop into a plains biome and to your left a bit is a spider dungeon with 2 sharpness 5 enchanted books but i tried to see of the seed works but it doesnt for somereason i created te world 2 weeks ago

  16. Viona Venella says:

    this video was like after my brithday.. (my b-day is feb 18) and my mother made me a bunny cake i was like im not a baby!! -_-

  17. Mason Dixon says:

    and soon tale of kingdoms……….is goining to end……rember when he FIRST did t of kingdoms.

  18. Theepicgoast365 says:

    What I like is that the game doesn’t check to see if something is generated there before it starts generating something else… :) Also Strongholds generate in a triangular formation about 800 to 1200 blocks away from spawn… That’s why Paul was able to throw a pearl in one direction and then another not far away and they went in different directions. :)

  19. kristoffergjohansen says:

    Take jerry mode

  20. Extenify G says:

    Oh yeah! (I didn’t process it through clearly)

  21. arsenios19dr says:

    first of all ive been a subscriber for at least 9 months and also when i say old i mean OLD!!! not his 15 year old son….

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