Minecraft Maps – Escape the Puzzle Master! – Custom Map (1 of 2)

And yes, I talk about stuff in this video for my 200th video. Download ‘Escape the Puzzlemaster”: bit.ly Secondary Channel: youtube.com Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: tinyurl.com Twitch.TV: twitch.tv The music comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you would like to listen without having Minecraft playing, you can download it here: c418.bandcamp.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Minecraft Maps – Escape the Puzzle Master! – Custom Map (1 of 2)

  1. skmoss1 says:

    how can i blay it after i download it?

  2. 2x4racing says:

    you pronounce ingot like in-get. just an FYI :)

  3. Mia Smith says:

    honey badger(antvenom) doesn’t really give a sh*t about parkour. he does parkour however the f*ck he wants

  4. Ethant77 says:

    i wish you would have cheated :)

  5. coolguygotcha678 says:

    Then why did u watch it.? Fag

  6. Kayden Dube says:

    how are u not one of the big minecraft guys? ur up there w/ captainsparklez!

  7. TheTNTengineer says:

    15:04 ironic cuz your in the middle of night

  8. rosam blount says:

    u need 2 players or more

  9. jiminhwang54 says:

    Wtf I hate this video

  10. Randy David says:

    Fuck damn rules

  11. Luc Elias says:

    cheat cheat cheat cool cheat i think he should have found he end of the maze in the observatory and broke the glass fuck da rules

  12. kerbecs17 says:

    umm no…. YOUR DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (listen at beginning when he says “I’m no a really cool guy in the mc world”)

  13. familyboy12 says:

    you should of stayed on top the maze

  14. joe fro says:

    you are a big name guy

  15. bob idot says:

    you are big hed rolexm,oc3i

  16. Hurrdurr19 says:

    Nice vid bro 😀 I’m so happy today :DD Got Minecraft for free n shit :D i got it here :D: /watch?v=uQHN5sIfwlc Such a great day 😀

  17. enderdragon5299 says:

    me too trolling custom maps for the win

  18. enderdragon5299 says:

    antivenom was taken as a xbox live name and he did antvenom instead a started useing it for stuff like youtube

  19. enderdragon5299 says:


  20. enashworth says:

    You din’t see the sin

  21. RobloxSprint says:

    Sorry i didn’t watch the whole thing

  22. RobloxSprint says:

    then why is your name antvenom not antivenom

  23. chaos299h says:

    nope its a butter

  24. NashNews says:

    this was over a year ago

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