Minecraft MindCrack – Ultra Hardcore S07E02 – Team Single Malt Scotch

Watch from Zisteau’s perspective: www.youtube.com Welcome back to Minecraft MindCrack Ultra Hardcore! No longer will you regenerate health with a full hunger bar after taking damage. The only way to get it back is to use golden apples or health potions. Golden apples now require gold ingots instead of nuggets and health potions now require a glistering melon crafted with a golden block instead of just an ingot. In Season 7 we are competing in pairs! More info on the mod here: www.minecraftforum.net ~ Teams ~ Guude – www.youtube.com BdoubleO – www.youtube.com DocM77 – www.youtube.com AnderZEL – www.youtube.com Just_Defy – www.youtube.com Nebris – www.youtube.com MCGamer – www.youtube.com Pakratt – www.youtube.com PyroPuncher – www.youtube.com W92Baj – www.youtube.com PauseUnpause – www.youtube.com VintageBeef – www.youtube.com Zisteau – www.youtube.com Kurtjmac – www.youtube.com Vote on the outcome: awesomekt.kodingen.com Music – “Clenched Teeth” by Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com) Get Minecraft www.minecraft.net

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25 Responses to Minecraft MindCrack – Ultra Hardcore S07E02 – Team Single Malt Scotch

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  3. Tom Johnson says:

    Hmm Zisteau gets lost. That reminds me of Kurt in episode 8 in Far Lands or Bust :P

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  10. MisterBadde says:

    Everyone! Watch out! He has that weird box thing where the “c” should be! It’s a tarp!

  11. MisterBadde says:

    It’s alright, it is Youtube after all lol.

  12. MrWhoization says:

    As I read over this a month later I see that for one reason or another I was very rude about this, and I’d like to apologize, as you seem to be a very nice person. :)

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  14. brent11ply11 says:

    Dude, come on. Illegally download call of duty but don’t hurt Jeb and Notch.

  15. gwabafett says:

    I have a much better idea than diamond swords or an enchanting table. Diamond shoes.

  16. adam kalamako says:


  17. Tina Tran says:

    i’m a hunger game fan and I wish I can play the minecraft hunger games:(

  18. MisterBadde says:

    Nice point, bro.  Wow, fellow Kurtlings, 34 thumbs! Thanks.

  19. MrWhoization says:

    This is really stupid, as you’re not creeping at all. At the beginning of the first episode they said what they were drinking, and coming to the conclusion that they are drinking is not at all exciting. If you had, for instance, said something like “At 24:55 I heard a horn that sounded like the horn only used by one city’s mail department, which must mean that they live in [Insert City Name Here]! Let us creep my fellow, let us creep.”

  20. rhapsody1412 says:

    so many torches lol at least I can see what they’re doing.

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  22. finnAndrei says:

    Those zombie noises keep creeping me out 😀

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