Minecraft News – BUKKIT JOINS MOJANG ! 1.2 Update & Testificate AI !

Minecraft News - BUKKIT JOINS MOJANG ! 1.2 Update & Testificate AI !

GameChap and Bertie discuss the latest jolly exciting news for Minecraft, including the upcoming 1.2 Update! Good show!
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18 Responses to Minecraft News – BUKKIT JOINS MOJANG ! 1.2 Update & Testificate AI !

  1. Blackfire853 says:

    This comment was made 7 months ago!

  2. goku5996 says:

    Thats why there trying to add the mod api to the game

  3. AquazenAqua says:

    The comment was like 3 months ago…


    Notch said himself Herobrine isn’t in the game. It’s just that we can’t see very well with the fog so close to our face.

  5. MrMulticolouredNinja says:

    Excuse me? If you are going to call someone stupid, maybe, just maybe. You may want to check out what you have written. :L

  6. OpenlySupportingGays says:

    You told me to remove my channel because i didn’t learn science. Because i didn’t Openly Support Science. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I FUCKING SAID!! And also, i’m going to block you now, because your motherfucking retarded ass has some sort of braindisease. So you can just go kill yourself, because you can’t spell, no one likes you and i will find you and put a fucking treetrunk so far up your ass that it destroys your brain. So you can GTFO.

  7. AquazenAqua says:

    i didnt say your name OpenlySupportingScience??Do i say that??…??Do i say it??i just said you just didnt learn science…Btw gays are rubbish.They just fuck mans butt….so srsly you guys are just R.U.B.B.I.S.H…..hear me??rubbish….I dont care what those gays gonna say on me srsly they are rubbish like you…just like 100%like you…Hear me??Like you….And btw your brain might be exploded right now…so go GTFO…

  8. OpenlySupportingGays says:

    I tell you what have already been confirmed by Notch and Jeb. And you seem to blatently ignore that. Oh, my name isn’t OpenlySupportingScience, it’s OpenlySupportingGays. Also, i have 120 subscribers, so it would be pretty stupid of me to remove the channel. And by saying that your brain is small, is that you seem to be completely ignorant of understanding that Herobrine never existed, I.E a complete idiot.

  9. AquazenAqua says:

    Oh and Seriously…Since when human brains are small….that all are equal sizes…not like you….you just poof a little….you didnt learn science??You are not supporting…you just deny what people said and you want them to listen to you…Thats not supporting!!!btw remove your name…for not supporting and openly your mind in science…Enough said….Discussion Ends Here!

  10. OpenlySupportingGays says:

    I used short all the time on my old computer. Never saw him. Because he doesn’t exist. Notch does not work o minecraft anymore, he only helps with some ideas. He is working on another game. And all the removed herobrine updates, was a joke. At first, it was removing the human entities that was in the game, and then they kept doing it as a joke. If you don’t understand that, then your brain must be really small.

  11. AquazenAqua says:

    And you also never met herobrine….just turn your fog to short and you’ll see…..by the way…you still stupid for saying notch doesnt work on his games

  12. AquazenAqua says:

    He does work on the game…..-__-….you just got the false info…:P

  13. OpenlySupportingGays says:

    Have i said that? I said that he doesn’t work on the game.

  14. skulcrusher1 says:

    And you have to be the idiot that cant catch sarcasm, and do you really think notch doesnt play his own game!? Your stupid sir.

  15. kr80istopher says:

    If you saw the word escape. thumbs up this comment

  16. DeathSkull50 says:

    if you make a city in creative and spawn like 2 and make like 6 houses will they still breed to fill in the other 2 houses?

  17. superjesse2468 says:

    me too

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