Minecraft | TECH TURRETS! (Robots that protect your base!) | Mod Showcase [1.5.2]

“Robots that spray fire, launch missiles and loads more!” — SUBSCRIBE! — http://bit.ly/TxtGm8 Dan from The Diamond Minecart demonstrates the Tech Turrets M…
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23 Responses to Minecraft | TECH TURRETS! (Robots that protect your base!) | Mod Showcase [1.5.2]

  1. Juan Valencia says:

    Do interact butter epic jump map

  2. bigchilljosh says:

    how do u install?

  3. zombieslicer2 says:

    and lapiz

  4. TheGalex03 says:

    sky would like this mod so he could look at budder and let the turret kill the squid army

  5. Cindy Murdock says:

    say budder

  6. George Kiel says:

    Names George_Kiel

  7. George Kiel says:

    Can I be in a vid

  8. George Kiel says:

    I love u dude

  9. Qu4ntumReaction says:

    hey I recently started making minecraft videos. I just started a survival playthough with “dead minecraft” mod installed. If you could check out my channel then it would mean a lot to me 😀

  10. Kenshee Moya says:

    Subscribe, Like, Comment 

  11. HelmBreakerz says:

    CENSORED! Porntastic! Can you show us what show is that? :DD

  12. Addy Coleman says:

    No duh thecoolgamers22

  13. Richard Barnes says:


  14. TheCoolGamers22 says:

    im guessing he was cencoring out porn :/

  15. Luke Mccallum says:

    it was usefull for sufficating people anyway lol

  16. richardhamim32 says:

    You rock

  17. Peter Pan says:

    it would be cool if you made a Modded survivle with only the mods that you have done a Mod Show Case on

  18. Heinz aguon jr says:

    do a dragon mod!

  19. awesomeman5d4 says:

    read the description… slightly more wrong… spray

  20. DJ McCready says:

    The first one yes

  21. Addy Coleman says:

    Did anyone see the piece at the bottom of the turret it looked wrong

  22. Addy Coleman says:

    He was watching them funky redstone devices (get it)

  23. ITroopTheSpace says:

    Me: Holy Shit! Gravel has a use! Minecraft: Minecraft has crashed due to something that will never happen. Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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