MineCraft – That Wolf Likes Swimming…

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to MineCraft – That Wolf Likes Swimming…

  1. GEORGE456432 says:


  2. LERC152008 says:

    Taztv why you are fuck you

  3. ashley askham says:

    how canyou not like chickin!!!!!!!

  4. SPLATLAT says:

    harry birthday 

  5. blackstripe1129 says:

    nice bushes 

  6. awesomeness862 says:

    Lol I clapped

  7. awesomeness862 says:

    I can decorate just fine. One time I made my own design of a toilet

  8. awesomeness862 says:

    What’s the exact seed generator

  9. SnapbackCity321 says:

    How long do your buildings take to make

  10. beautybabeohhyeahh says:

    whats your seed

  11. OhhFlavourr says:

    Making them long I like but can you upload them a bit earlier because I’m 2 hours ahead of UK and when you upload a video am asleep LOL

  12. LeGItbELIT3 says:

    Taz you when1.8.2 comes out might have a new world so you generated structures

  13. bcffann says:

    I know this is not about the viteo but can I live with you I live in USA TN elk Avenue

  14. TheMajestic789 says:


  15. Sangrelita Allie says:

    17:39 the chickens like… Wtf u using a diamond pick on wood for? NOOB

  16. TheWilderwun says:

    Taz when you make your bushes you should put log then glowstone because you can skip one block and it lights the place up

  17. TheWilderwun says:

    I could help on city taz gt loganwun

  18. Tech10s says:

    My name is Tech10s

  19. Tech10s says:

    I could help you with the city

  20. vxmotions says:

    taz if u want help with your city message me on Xbox my gt is Exposed Dragz

  21. YUMakeMeLaughSoHard says:

    are you talking about hercules

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