Minecraft: Tri-Mountain Survival Ep.24 w/Nova – WHICH MOUNTAIN NEXT?

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24 Responses to Minecraft: Tri-Mountain Survival Ep.24 w/Nova – WHICH MOUNTAIN NEXT?

  1. saahil913 says:


  2. Michael Godinez says:

    can you do a survivel seris like dis wit gassy and sly and ze plz

  3. 78856493 says:

    Saving place 4:55


    true that

  5. fdwv2 says:

    I’m amazed how people keep on saying for Nova to do stuff on this playthrough and choosing which mountain even though this series is 1 year old… 

  6. KeSoMa6 says:

    im not stupid and not dumb i see that i wasnt thinking but i do have somthing wrong so just shut up ok

  7. realslimshady1999 says:


  8. THEmrSEXYpants says:

    I don’t know what was worse ideas, your weak gold armor and no pick ax or torches,You trying to use a mushroom and dirt to break the spawner, or the people commenting like you are still waiting for their choice to make the next video. Side note, I googled gay tony & “The Gay Tony”, “Gay Tonying”, & uberhaxornova on urban dictionary talk about you. +10 internetz for each if someone randomly did it with your name. -100 internetz for each if you did it yourself as horrible self promotion.

  9. RayneHitomi says:

    What happened to the giraffe?

  10. Samuel Ashley says:

    For those of you who is still commenting on numbers… He’s finished he’s in the last mountain in quad mountain…

  11. jenelle ford says:

    did u know that u can cook food and iron from sapplin on minecraft and u can use wood i think u should make a vid to see im right :)

  12. eotots says:

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  13. pinkinmotioncovers says:


  14. MonkeyCasi says:

    There is diamonds in every mountain.

  15. bronson eyer says:

    come on

  16. bronson eyer says:

    mountain number?

  17. AngeloJohnnysBk says:


  18. kunaiblade64 says:


  19. hopper11995 says:

    Goddamn, calm down, it was a joke… Maybe you can find your sense of humor hidden somewhere, once you discover common sense…

  20. dvbawesome says:

    mountain 2 =)

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