Minecraft: Tri-Mountain Survival Ep.25 w/Nova – Gay Tony Off Mountain #3

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21 Responses to Minecraft: Tri-Mountain Survival Ep.25 w/Nova – Gay Tony Off Mountain #3

  1. crazyrandomness25674 says:

    wheres the link to the gay tony video at 1:24 in upper left hand corner ? does it exist somewhere?

  2. DynamicGuy123 says:


  3. Zach Escobar says:

    cause if you watching a video, you should at least know who your watching o.o

  4. 21xsonicwuverx12 says:

    Whats the texture pack? 

  5. piranhasportsteam says:

    Where or how can i download thisnmap?

  6. eotots says:

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  7. Edward Lopez says:

    most epic gay tony you’ve ever done hahaha

  8. TheNativeGang says:

    lol epic gay tony

  9. artisticgirl100 says:

    EPIC GAY TONY!!!!!!

  10. redmist1191 says:

    Epic gay tony

  11. DynamicGuy123 says:

    why doesnt nova say his name in his intro’s cause he needs to

  12. emopandaaz says:

    That always makes my day holy shit my sides XDD

  13. insideoutboy100 says:


  14. judge ment says:

    Any one notice that nova’s giraffe is missing!?!?!?!?

  15. RedDeadKitain says:

    I saw Cujo fall into the water, and drown.

  16. mrmaddog2600 says:

    Duh dah dah duh du du du…

  17. dumb barrel says:

    V)(;,,;)(V) zoidberg goes wobwobwob

  18. littleOMNIPOTENTone says:

    -watches him “Gay Tony’s” off mountain- The rest of this video means nothing to me.

  19. 1RIOL1 says:

    8:10 Wolf In the Backround (Sliding on ice)

  20. SigntheTreaty says:

    Soooo.. Anybody else think their should be a 1 year anniversary special of the Tri Mountain Survival?? :)

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