Minecraft: Tri-Mountain Survival Ep.27 w/Nova – LITTLE BOY AWAY!

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13 thoughts on “Minecraft: Tri-Mountain Survival Ep.27 w/Nova – LITTLE BOY AWAY!

  1. I have discovered your true identity Nova, you are really Chris Brown. It all makes sense, say you are in love with her, then beat her. Then you killed (so we assume) the little boy. Not only are you a woman beater, you are a pedo that kills his pray afterword so they can’t tell on him…… I think the earth creepers are there to punish you for your bad deeds. Like each earth creeper was each person you killed & each that exploded as an “innocent” person you killed. It’s an interesting theory.

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  3. Nova : I’m taking these goo donuts with me though I had a bad exp. With them *looks up * flashback. Flashback Nova : immaterial sneeze on you with this goo dounut achoo-omg Nova: I hate uuuuuuu lol

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