Minecraft (Xbox 360) – 1.8.2 Creative Mode Youtube Join Livestream! #3

Another Open Lobby with My subscribers usually it takes awhile to get some of you in so I will be Getting a New Party of you guys every 35min. You guys do so much for me so let me try to game with you. If you can LIKE the video if you would like to see more Livestreams. Subscribe to my Channel: bit.ly Twitter: twitter.com Follow Me on Instagram: Bigbst4tz GT: Big B statz
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to Minecraft (Xbox 360) – 1.8.2 Creative Mode Youtube Join Livestream! #3

  1. TrollinDemNoobs says:

    All most 5 hours dam

  2. Andrew McCann says:

    Mate whats the flatland seed?x

  3. robert martin says:

    my gt is DziRe o

  4. Aug48 says:

    my gamertag is killerdude4810

  5. MinecraftKid38 says:

    Could you please make a download for the creative mode subscribers,pixel art world?

  6. gravito35 says:

    Gravito35 is my gamertag

  7. xAMFPx DARKSTARx says:

    Add me xAMFPxDARKSTARx 

  8. Moses99351 says:


  9. sean Stirling says:

    GT seanjimin

  10. cgbization says:

    stop hating no one cares

  11. coywed says:

    Damn 4 hour vid O.O

  12. Angel Reyes says:

    Can u play with me my gt is LCU LoyalZealot

  13. XsonicfancaleblolX says:

    most of this world is pixel art lol but i am wondering what it would be like to play minecraft with all the buildings i make have to be colorful most of the time

  14. XsonicfancaleblolX says:

    dude when you said shrimp all day any day of the week you made hungry oh god now i want coconut shrimp lol

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