Minecraft: Xbox 360 – Putting Custom Maps On Your Xbox [TUTORIAL]

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17 Responses to Minecraft: Xbox 360 – Putting Custom Maps On Your Xbox [TUTORIAL]

  1. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:


  2. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    What exactly was unclear for you? I can try and help

  3. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    Yes, configuring the USB to your xbox just means that everything will be removed so that it can support xbox files. Once you are finished you can restore it on your PC and it will be perfectly normal.

  4. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    When click on the map in the storage, you have the options to “Copy, Move and Delete”, under these it will say “Owner: [INSERT YOUR PROFILE NAME]” Make sure it says your profile name.

  5. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    No, it would have to either be created on the xbox or on the PC version.

  6. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    Your profile is most likely corrupted. One way to fix that is by re-downloading your profile.

  7. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    Sweet! Glad to help :)

  8. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    I wish I could help with that but I’ve never experienced it. Perhaps trying to un-install the program and then re-install it?

  9. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    I would suggest either re-downloading your profile (It may be corrupted) or just using a different profile. Mine did that once because the profile had been corrupted. Something I HIGHLY suggest doing is putting your main profile on your USB and then copying the profile to your desktop. That way its always on your computer!

  10. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    I dont think any sites have minecraft for xbox maps. I just search youtube “Minecraft on xbox puzzle maps” “Minecraft on xbox adventure maps’

  11. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    Did you move your “Profile” to the USB? Settings>System>Storage>HDD>Profiles

  12. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    Unfortunately, I have heard you cant do it on Mac :(

  13. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    Probably the best program to use

  14. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    Thanks man!

  15. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    Maps that are made on the xbox are default .bin files

  16. assam146 says:

    thanx mate

  17. killbuddy1236 says:

    Is it possible to get any of vechs maps on minecraft?

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