MineCraft – You Shall Not Pass

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17 Responses to MineCraft – You Shall Not Pass

  1. steelecrusher says:

    ya what seed

  2. steelecrusher says:

    tax you called your self fat like santaclause

  3. Jack Cliffe says:

    what seed is it

  4. miller5663 says:

    What website does he live stream on?

  5. jerryrodarte51 says:

    His laugh is funny

  6. 538santa says:

    Mm cow is awesome

  7. Falconwarrior32 says:

    what is the map seed

  8. gabby arriaga says:

    taz ths might be the best challenge you ever had.Ready?Build your favorit city.And when i said city i mean the whole city all the buildings and the scenery.And then live in your favorit house. Although it might take up most of your map proubly all of it. :( :)

  9. gabby arriaga says:

    i have a cousin named oliver and he is watching this with me

  10. gabby arriaga says:

    oh yeah there was a cow stuck on the mountain at 6:49

  11. gabby arriaga says:

    whyh dont you like breaking trees taz?

  12. gabby arriaga says:

    i agree

  13. oliver phillips says:

    my name is oliver

  14. TK Aero says:

    What’s up TAZ how r u 😀

  15. King0xx0Pin says:

    my name is not Oliver, sadly. 😛

  16. Ryan Dillon says:

    hi taz my name is olerfer

  17. jacksg1231 says:

    Forget the jewls replace balwdin

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