Minimal Residual Disease Launched by Impressions Holdings

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) July 16, 2013

Impressions Holdings first started working with Minimal Residual Disease (organization) when the team behind Minimal Residual Disease approached them to help find a way to get information about minimal residual disease (condition) to patients afflicted by the disease and doctors who are treating it. In fact, Impressions Holdings specializes in exact this.

Impressions has been innovating in the field of web marketing and online PR in order to find creative ways to spread relevant information to key industry players and consumers. In the case of Minimal Residual Disease, they have made an important first step towards increasing the organizations reach by developing a captivating and informational website about what it is that the company does.

The Minimal Residual Disease website has been created with several important design features in mind. includes clear and visually calming imagery as well as mobile compatible technology known as responsive design.

We wanted to make sure that the graphics matched the information about minimal residual disease without including a lot of painful photographs or images, said an Impressions representative.

Minimal residual disease (condition) is the term used for tiny or singular numbers of cancer cells remaining in the blood after cancer treatment. It is believed that MRD detection will continue to play a significant role in treating cancer in the future, as new techniques have allowed biotech companies like Chronix Biomedical to find as few as one cancer cell per one million healthy cells.

This is important information for several reasons. It means that cancer patients will have more accurate knowledge of their condition and remission, but also their chances of relapse. In fact, minimal residual disease is the most common cause of relapse in cancer patients. It also means that cancer researchers will have much more accurate data about the success of their new tests.

With the help of Impressions Holdings, Minimal Residual Disease intends to continue its work and to increase awareness about this disease until a cure is found with the help of advanced MRD detection such as Next-Generation DNA Sequencing.

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