Mini’s concept begins where Google Glass left off The carmaker’s Augmented Vision is a new concept projecting information, navigation and safety information onto a set of glasses.
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19 thoughts on “Mini’s concept begins where Google Glass left off

  1. I would buy these. They seem to be the perfect GPS capable equipment I have ever seen. I especially like the design, kind of reminds me of old driver goggles. 

  2. It is too big and looks way too silly for it to be worn conventionally. For these type of glasses to work, it needs to have all of the functions of a smart watch and that of a pair of glasses. It needs to be smaller and lighter. Try magnesium alloy body, with 8nm processors with Gorilla glass 12 (Saphire), all of it being modular of course. It needs to be made in China, because that’s where 97% of magnesium comes from. Let’s start the price around $250 for normal version, then special pricing for people who need to wear real glasses.

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