Mini’s concept begins where Google Glass left off The carmaker’s Augmented Vision is a new concept projecting information, navigation and safety information onto a set of glasses.
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19 Responses to Mini’s concept begins where Google Glass left off

  1. RayFella says:

    Now this looks ridiculous

  2. Kesmond Boats says:

    Why does its title say “MINI” when it’s sooo freaking huge…? -_-

  3. Hkuba says:

    Now if they’d only shrink it to contact lens form (I know, I’m putting the cart before the horse here lol). Really exciting tech!!!

  4. ting280 says:

    how can that be the future of safe driving when there’s shit all over blocking random spots in your field of vision

  5. Tech Star says:

    Not all cars have that many cameras and good luck with law enforcement.

  6. James Sarginson says:

    I quite like this. Not so geeky looking either *coughs ggl glss*. Powered by Qualcomm. 

  7. Brendan Benjamin says:

    Google Glass’ successor? 

  8. akulabite says:

    they should also make a beanie to house the enormous battery.

  9. PussMag says:

    since you can see thru the car door, can you also see thru the shower door? or should I install the cameras inside the shower to begin with?

  10. Joe Xu says:

    nice, great way to get laid I bet

  11. Sondre Hille-Krumsvik says:

    I would buy these. They seem to be the perfect GPS capable equipment I have ever seen. I especially like the design, kind of reminds me of old driver goggles. 

  12. claud rapoza says:

    except this is so ugly that no one would want to wear it

  13. LelouchL3 says:

    It is too big and looks way too silly for it to be worn conventionally. For these type of glasses to work, it needs to have all of the functions of a smart watch and that of a pair of glasses. It needs to be smaller and lighter. Try magnesium alloy body, with 8nm processors with Gorilla glass 12 (Saphire), all of it being modular of course. It needs to be made in China, because that’s where 97% of magnesium comes from. Let’s start the price around $250 for normal version, then special pricing for people who need to wear real glasses.

  14. jervazz hammond says:

    The idea is brilliant but the designs are horrible. Honestly, can we imagine anyone walking around in the streets with these on? 

  15. Simba says:

    No one would buy this. why? because it looks bad. Not even Lady Gaga would wear it

  16. TheTCOLL says:

    Just like Tim Cook said (and he was right) nobody wants to wear silly goggles. Wont work.

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