MIT Imagination

Professor Woodie Flowers once said that MIT can be a steam roller or a candy store. We prefer the latter. Take a look. CREDITS: Written and directed by: • Chris Peterson • Elizabeth Choe ’13 Starring: • Shanasia Sylman ’15 • Estefania Avila ’15 • Kayla Esquivel ’15 • Delian Asparouhov ’15 • Chris Mills ’12 • Michael Rodrigo ’12 (as Tim) Featuring: • Connie Huang ’15 • Ana Vazquez ’15 • Kenton Williams SM ’12 • Stephan Boyer ’13 • Nexie, TOFU, and the Mustachioed Bear • The Lobby 10 Ensemble • The MIT football team Music: • Orchestral arrangement by Adrian Grossman ’14 • Performed by the MIT Symphony Orchestra • Conducted by Dr. Adam Boyles • Sung by Chris Puchi ’14 • Produced by Michael Miller ’09 • Advised by Mikey Yang ’05 Special thanks to: • Rachel Fong ’12 and the East Campus i3 Team • Jack Carroll, Suzanne Flynn, Paelle Powell ’15, and other residents of Maseeh Hall • Emerald Ferreira-Yang ’13 and the Random Hall Cryomaniacs • The MIT Glass Lab • Robert Urban and the Koch Center • Polly Guggenheim of the MIT Media Lab Personal Robotics Group • Craig Bryer and MIT Environmental Health and Safety • The MITAdmissions Bloggers • The MITAdmissions CommTeam

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15 Responses to MIT Imagination

  1. VulcanFleet says:

    This is so sweetly surreal. I can’t wait to get to campus this August. Class of ’16 represent!

  2. Alan Yee says:

    How can I get one of those MIT posters?

  3. Soapluvva says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how many episodes of soap operas I watched during my four years at MIT (1971-1975) in my 14th floor dorm room in MacGregor House’s A-Entry — LOL!  Home video recorders were not in common usage yet, so I used to try to schedule my classes in such a manner that would leave my afternoons free for TV viewing! I had a summer job at CBS in NYC during the summers of ’73 and ’74, and visited the studios of “Love of Life” and “As the World Turns” quite a bit.

  4. ma1achite says:

    I can’t decide if this is awesome or creepy.

  5. Marco Salazar says:

    It’s a Discovering Material Science Engineering shirt…. Also she did MITES, she could of gotten it during her time in MITES.

  6. magnus213 says:

    Damn this video makes me miss the Institvte :-/ Course 2 ’11

  7. muntoonxt says:

    No, no, no. You’re thinking of XKCD.

  8. muntoonxt says:

    I want to be! I plan to begin my existence in 2 more grades.

  9. almoskov says:

    So proud to be a graduate! Saw some new places through this video. Congrats to all the new admits – have fun!

  10. plmihbyfcrszw says:

    She got admitted to MIT but she already had a MIT Material Science ’11 shirt on? Plot hole!

  11. heatherbernstein says:

    The Beaver’s jersey should be stained and say “TIM”

  12. doodaboogie says:


  13. HectorsLegion says:

    I’m stunned that I never connected the dots between two of my favorite things. Everything here is true.

  14. setmit says:

    I suppose I thought I saw a mouse, because I see more mice than people on campus.

  15. memorypmt says:


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