MIT reflection

MIT reflection

Image by joiseyshowaa
Stata computer science building on the MIT campus early one morning. Architect Frank Gehry.

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28 thoughts on “MIT reflection

  1. love the crystal clarity of the lines in the photo. and of course, trying to figure out which one is the reflection. wonderfully done! — Seen in a discussion of the group "The Pinnacle" (?)

  2. Big Momma Award ~~ Congratulations! ~~ You have beaten two other Medal Winners and earned: The Mother of All Challenge Groups! Please post it to our pool.

  3. A great capture of a great building! Thank you for letting us use anther of your terrific pictures. This one is perfect for our site on thesis translation and is on one of our pages about American schools. The photo is up at… with your name under the picture. Your name then links to the list of credits at… where it is on the list of credits and links to your profile here at flickr. And thanks again for the CC license. We really appreciate it.

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