MIT sketching

MIT sketching This is not my original video. so I don’t link any advertisement to this video. If you want to get more information this video, this site give more information to you. Thank you.

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  1. ◆◇◆◇◆いきなりの書き込み失礼します。お金にお困りの方、いらっしゃいますか?実は宝くじで100,000,000円当選したのですが、その使い道に困ってます…馬鹿みたいな話ですが事実です。単刀直入に申しますとこの当選金をどなたかにお譲りしたいと思ってます。既にお譲りが済んだ方もいますが、少額でのお譲りが多かったため結構な額が残ってます…本日中にお譲りする事も可能なので遠慮せず仰って下さい。出来る限りご希望の金額を、と考えております。もし、お受け取りになりたい方いましたら、サイト内ですと書き込みが削除されます場合が御座いますので、こちらの→【】リンクより、スムーズにお話をすすめる事ができますので、どうぞお早めのご連絡をお待ちしております。◆◇◆◇◆

  2. The work place is difficult for us being slaves and when we are asked to work below code pay(SEC, IRS, Treasury chart) the MIT Main at Arctic and AntArtic runs feedback on us due to a fuse flaw which used to force payment by BTUs to us. Now it draws more energy on our bodies to make the illegal exchange. Real Problem: that tools symbols and functions when learned make a hackers mirror window in our brains causing double damage: 2 thieves and loss of pay and health.

  3. Basic data compiling knowledge is more useful then the tool for new usegroups and unfamiliar materials and combinations. I like the interface of avionics ILS shown in a Die Hard Movie where you drag and drop data with a wand: materials, shape, diagram and run on basic amber screen. There is a low e field. Even the wand is rough over time, so doing paper and pencil is more healthy and functions with less BTUs. Oddly, you guys don’t comprehend the BTU/calorie ratio to work for us in the workplace.

  4. This is a successfull whiteboard, but why comes to mind. I expect, outside the fun, it is slower and predetermines design. However, if the MIT grad is designed to be the donkey in the design process it may be a good tool for them to have relief from paper and bosses created by Sloan school missappropriations. Personally, after working for a while I know when things will happen. It might be the enemy. As you know, the brain allows only so much daata before NB occurs and you need to remap nerves.

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