MIT sketching

MIT sketching This is not my original video. so I don’t link any advertisement to this video. If you want to get more information this video, this site give more information to you. Thank you.

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  1. coreachefable says:


  2. David Smith says:

    What were the outputs of Oxygen system? Would be interesting to see what is the situation 6 years later.

  3. ympro1 says:

    3:33 oops 😀 and 4:05 fail :D

  4. 宝くじ当選しました 当選金欲しい人に差し上げます says:


  5. chicharitohernandez8 says:

    study hard and give it your all and you will get in. you’re young so you have a long way to actually make it happen! good luck!

  6. Санек Демьянюк says:

    Ты не пожелееш

  7. theBraxil says:

    magic pen 😀  best game

  8. TheMindstormerac says:

    I wish I can go to MIT. I’m only 11 though

  9. Igotgame911 says:

    cant believe my prog actually linked me to this video :(

  10. UltimaXG2 says:


  11. ekiernanquinn says:

    The work place is difficult for us being slaves and when we are asked to work below code pay(SEC, IRS, Treasury chart) the MIT Main at Arctic and AntArtic runs feedback on us due to a fuse flaw which used to force payment by BTUs to us. Now it draws more energy on our bodies to make the illegal exchange. Real Problem: that tools symbols and functions when learned make a hackers mirror window in our brains causing double damage: 2 thieves and loss of pay and health.

  12. TheTRMultiMedia says:

    Basic data compiling knowledge is more useful then the tool for new usegroups and unfamiliar materials and combinations. I like the interface of avionics ILS shown in a Die Hard Movie where you drag and drop data with a wand: materials, shape, diagram and run on basic amber screen. There is a low e field. Even the wand is rough over time, so doing paper and pencil is more healthy and functions with less BTUs. Oddly, you guys don’t comprehend the BTU/calorie ratio to work for us in the workplace.

  13. TheTRMultiMedia says:

    This is a successfull whiteboard, but why comes to mind. I expect, outside the fun, it is slower and predetermines design. However, if the MIT grad is designed to be the donkey in the design process it may be a good tool for them to have relief from paper and bosses created by Sloan school missappropriations. Personally, after working for a while I know when things will happen. It might be the enemy. As you know, the brain allows only so much daata before NB occurs and you need to remap nerves.

  14. 俊瑩 李 says:

    ya it is interesting!

  15. Tanmoy Choudhury says:

    Ya, its interesting that SOMEONE on the earth does use TECH for GOOD! 😛

  16. sipka323 says:

    /watch?v=XxNG7LrhGH4 must have softwares

  17. Jackson Parker says:

    What does that have to do with the video?

  18. c2palermo says:

    please implement this to porn movies

  19. saquibulhaque00 says:

    the predecessor of Crayon Physics Deluxe..

  20. zaneacademy says:

    It seems to be all about context (e.g physics). What if the context is not pre-specified?

  21. PDSA06 says:

    I like how the Professor from MIT can’t figure out how to just move the ‘cup’ the first time he has to adjust the drawing…..

  22. lebaokhanh1 says:

    fap fap fap, fap fap fap. Enough, what im doing with my life? fap fap fap Its MIT for chris sake fap…. fap…. fap…. life sucks

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