Mobile Monday Usability/Accessibility Brainstorm DFW

Mobile Monday Usability/Accessibility Brainstorm DFW
Event on 2013-04-15 18:00:00

About the Event

In support of the coinciding April 2013 Accessibility Summit and the following M-Enabling Summit in June 2013, Nokia Developer outreach will host a Mobile Monday brainstorming workshop on Mobile Usability and Accessibility.  The goal is to explore obstacles and opportunities in mobile device use, particularly focusing on challenges involving touchscreens.  Please come prepared with ideas for a stimulating session!  Refreshments will be available.

The workshop will be led by Randall "texrat" Arnold of the Nokia Developer outreach team along with a panel of subject matter experts.

Current panel:

  • Michael Perry
  • Lance McCarthy (Nokia Developer Ambassador for Boston area; via online conferencing)
  • Ryan Lowdermilk (Microsoft Developer Evangelist)

There are no plans for actual coding, but let's use the time to plan a follow-up event with the discussed themes in mind.   We'll hold some sort of giveaway involving Windows Phone– details to follow!

For updates and related information, follow @texrat and @NokiaDevNorthTX on twitter.

For related and supporting materials, see:

Looking for more panelists– contact us if you're interested!  Helpful skills and backgrounds: sociology, psychology, physical rehabilitation, usability, industrial design, etc.




Mobile Monday

at Nokia Irving campus
6021 Connection Drive
Irving, United States

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