Modestep – Another Day ft. Popeska

Taken from the forthcoming debut album ‘Evolution Theory’, out 11th February 2013 – PRE-ORDER NOW AT PRE-ORDER NOW: iTunes Standard: iTunes Deluxe: HMV: Official Modestep store: Buy tickets for our February 2013 UK tour at Check out the album trailer here: Become a fan of Modestep on Facebook: Follow them on Twitter: Listen to them on Soundcloud: Music video by Modestep performing Another Day. (C) 2012 P…

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25 Responses to Modestep – Another Day ft. Popeska

  1. Rwolfie1992 says:

    fuck off Bieber

  2. omaima el hakouno says:


  3. OfficialRaize says:

    Gay Bar?

  4. SuperCrazyJunk says:

    dude i would have sex to any song!

  5. Ahmet İlaslan says:

    Good 😀

  6. jake kidd says:

    eww im praying modestep arent another band that become shit by trying to sound like skrillex, this song is far from their best

  7. VeryRareClips says:

    0:00 0:01 0:02 0:03 0:04 0:05 0:06 0:07 0:08 0:09 0:10

  8. UniversaalUniversum says:

    I hate that vevo keeps fucking up youtube. 60% of vevos uploads lag. ONLY and ONLY vevo.

  9. RikyCF says:

    Reading 2k12? 😉

  10. Spacecowboyable says:

    money shouldn’t exist

  11. Evan Esh says:

    I love seeing Popeska getting some recognition!

  12. yandell1995 says:

    Xcore remix is better sorry to say

  13. esoteric0NE says:

    Played out garbage, ahh well the masses get what they want and they get paid. Win win..third party loss

  14. Enes Burak says:

    This song is my Dope!

  15. julio Xduck Xper-to says:

    yes fuck biber

  16. Jose Omar Vite Hernandez says:

    Like a skillex!?

  17. VisionDreamRecords says:

    i wish i was this good check me out

  18. aloja121 says:

    i like it

  19. Lovesleeper Por says:

    Another Day . . . ” T H A I L A N D “

  20. DiamondxSongs says:

    Hey music lovers and fans! I’m sorry for having to spam you like this but I have no money for legit advertisements and it’s the only way I can tell you guys to please check my music out. I’m an 19 year young EDM artist with great talent and catchy music! Please and thank you :)

  21. iflute1000 says:

    ya….most of those veiws were me. repeated too much?? no troubles, no worries

  22. piza351 says:


  23. Jon Minuto says:

    Go check out THE BAND JUSTUS awesome new song, SPEECHLESS!!!

  24. Ntina TsidouVEVO says:


  25. xCorrupteDesigns says:

    Can’t enjoy this song., when this bitch Justin Beiber is starin.

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