Modmacro Announces Kill the Noise Book Project and Relationship with Maven Publishing

Menifee, Ca (PRWEB) February 18, 2015

Modmacro, the marketing and design firm in Southern California, announced this week that it has begun work with Maven Publishing on a new book titled Kill the Noise. The book will be authored by Matthew Smith, CEO of Modmacro and published by Maven Publishing USA.

Kill the Noise explores the basic premise that small business owners need to develop discipline and focus on what it is they truly do best and avoid the distractions, wasted time and unproductive side projects. The noise. By learning to identify and kill the noise, small businesses can operate more efficiently with a simpler model.

The book includes practical examples and personal stories that apply to small businesses of nearly all types. The release date for the book is yet to be determined, but more information will be released as the project develops.

Im delighted with this book project and our working relationship with Maven Publishing, said Matt Smith. And Im confident that the finished product will be a meaningful resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Over the years weve learned valuable lessons from which others can benefit, and this book provides a great platform to share them. Kill the Noise has become somewhat of a mantra for me of late and has really helped to communicate an attitude of refocusing on the important things and discarding the practices that serve only to distract. Noise comes in many forms from pricing strategy confusion, unproductive meetings, and low performance employees to overly complicated business models. But regardless of the source, killing the noise yields focus and success.

Jessica Dawson, COO of Maven Publishing said, Rodney and I are looking forward to the upcoming release of Kill The Noise. Matt is a joy to work with, and the ideas he presents in this book are things that any business owner at any experience level needs to know. Matt’s straightforward, no-holds-barred approach will be a true asset to anyone looking to clean up their business practices (and even to those who may not realize they have a problem!), and we are proud to have it as part of the Maven catalog.

About Modmacro, Inc.

An award-winning web design and marketing firm, Modmacro partners with select small businesses to strategically grow their company. Their integrated marketing approach is based on a healthy mix of original creativity (design), visual appeal (branding), authentic story sharing (PR), driving targeted traffic (SEO), original content creation, user experience design considerations (UX), and practical data insights (analytics).

Now in their fifth year, the company delivers tailor-made marketing solutions whose results illustrate clear value to profit-minded decision makers. Through a simple, proven process, Modmacros approach often challenges established thinking and reboots the status quo. The team invests in educating clients, as well as themselves, with the goal of developing lasting, partnership-level relationships that foster candid, productive dialogue. Learn more about Modmacro web design and marketing at

About Maven Publishing

Maven Publishing is a boutique writing, editing, and publishing house of non-fiction, making published authors of entrepreneurs, business people, and professionals, who are then superiorly branded and positioned by their books. They can be contacted through their website at

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