Module 4 – FB Free Leads Engine (2 Recommended Non-Core Credits*)

Module 4 – FB Free Leads Engine (2 Recommended Non-Core Credits*)
Event on 2015-07-14 09:30:00
Module 4: FB Free Leads Engine (Recommended 2 Non Core Credits*) Course Overview There are close to 3.6million Singaporean Facebook users. Around 80% of these users are prospects for your business and are serious buyers. Through FB, you can easily profile your prospects and build rapport with them even before meeting them. And with Singapore being the HIGHEST in Facebook usage rate around the world, how are you tapping into this GOLDMINE THAT OFFERS FREE HOT LEADS? Finally, a program that will unravel the Facebook marketing secrets that will help you generate FREE LEADS for your business, and we are talking of Thousands of highly qualified leads that you can start to build. All for ZERO Dollars. "AMAZING. My website was found within an hour after implementing what Ken has taught me and it brought my 8 enquiries in less than 5 days." – Janice L, Salesperson “The program was exceptionally relevant for Project Launches. Never did I know that there was so much of psychology behind the creation of websites and Ken injected several application tips which I could apply immediately. Not to forget that I can now save thousands of dollars on websites. Thank you Ken!” Wong, RES "I would describe Ken's training program as crisp, right to the point and highly effective. Unlike many other programs which I have attended, this is one where I gotten the most value out of because Ken was so willing to share his wealth of knowledge. Highly recommended" – Joshua Tan   Facebook Free Leads Engine is a fully practical and applicable training workshop that will give you the fundamental skills (and actual RESULTS) to generating thousands of Leads through FB for ZERO DOLLARS. These are the same clients that have strong buying intentions and converts easily.  By increasing your number of highly qualified leads, your sales naturally increases. This is a program all Salespersons should attend.    What you will get: The effective way to generating FREE QUALIFIED LEADS through Facebook with ZERO DOLLARS How to profile your prospects even before you meet them How to create a professional profile using your FB account so that qualified leads would knock at your door How to become an AUTHORITY in FB…even though you have just started out. BONUS Ken will also share with you on how to generate FREE EMAIL LEADS (also in Thousands) easily, with a few clicks of the mouse.   Who should attend  This course is for: Project ICs RES specialising in Project Launches RES who wants to take control of their websites so as to avoid paying exorbitant fees to third party vendors RES who wants to embark on learning SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing Anyone who wants to learn how to create a professional website that SELLS HURRY, REGISTER NOW IMPORTANT NOTE: Pre-requisite: Trainees are required to bring laptop (Tablets, IPads are not recommended).  Basic IT skills are required. Upon registration, you will be provided with the confirmation email with simple tasks to be completed prior to course. *2 Non Core Credits are subjected to your Agency KEO's approval. In accordance to regulations and guidelines, sImply print out the e-Letter of Attendance and submit to your Agency for the necessary approval. This module falls under N1 : Marketing Skills. For full information on CPD requirements, please visit here.   Other Internet Marketing Expert Series Modules You Just Can't Miss (Recommended 2 Non Core Credits*) Module 1: Creating Professional Websites Easily Many Salespeople fail to realise this – a professionally designed and CAREFULLY CRAFTED website is a MUST HAVE tool for leads capturing. Some made the mistakes of spending on advertising, generating good number of leads BUT only to lose them at their websites. They are literally throwing good money into other people's pocket because prospects will simply click the dreaded "BACK" button and go to the competitors…Read more. Module 2: Internet Leads Magnet Find out how TOP sales are made through the effective use of online search engines and how you can generate explosive qualified leads and appointments that quickly turn into sales! Through Internet Leads Magnet, discover how you can literally ATTRACT qualified clients and leads to…Read more. Module 3: Understanding Search Engine Optimisation And How You Can Achieve High Organic Ranking If you have ever wanted to build a Branding online and be seen as an e-Authority for Real Estate, this program is for you. Possibly one of the easiest to understand program about the Search Engine Optimisation and how you can have your websites rank high in search engines without paying a single marketing dollar. Training will be conducted through the use of media, discussion and demonstrations…Read more.   Module 4: FB Free Leads Engine Discover how you can leverage on Facebook to generate an almost endless stream of qualified leads and understand the true power of Facebook leads generation. Through a combination of practical steps and strategies, you will be guided step by step on how to generate qualified free leads and appreciate why FB Marketing should be one of your Marketing Pillars. You will also learn how you can leverage on FB to better engage and understand your clients for optimal customer relationship building. BONUS: Program will also cover how you can generate Email Leads….Read more. Module 5: FB Marketing Success System Imagine being able to reach out and market your products to a large pool of highly qualified and potential clients. Imagine being able to Target, Market and Attract at as low as per day. This is a Practical training program where you will be taught on how to effectively use FB’s tool to market your products and services at very low costs. You will be guided step by step and…Read more.     About The Trainer In his 10 over years of training, coaching and marketing work, Ken Casimir Koh has helped over 60,000 from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Hong Kong to achieve extraordinary results for their business, professional career and personal lives. He was the "Behind The Scenes" man and have secretly coached average salespeople to become TOP PRODUCERS and TOP SALES AWARD WINNERS in a short span of 3 months through the innovative use of Psychology and Technology. From average income earners, his trainees generated consistent 5 figure income (some 6 figure income) monthly. He has also been invited to speak on radio shows and public/industry forums. And because he is a Trainer/Coach combining e-Marketing/Psychology and Ken makes the learning of difficult technicalities and terms easy. Which is why, you will learn only the easiest to apply yet powerful systems that work!  

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