Molecular Biology

Paul Andersen explains the major procedures in molecular biology. He starts with a brief description of Taq polymerase extracted from the hot pools of Yellow…
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  1. somelifeguard says:

    Your mom was horrible.

  2. Colin Dedrick says:

    your videos are horrible

  3. David Sautner says:

    He is in denial about the basis of microbial synthesis, that is, the co-evolving of bacteria of viruses.

  4. David Sautner says:

    This is oversimplification, there has yet to be a rigorous study of the epi-genetics behind this technology.

  5. Alucard Reborn says:

    Hellos sir im frm INDIA Iam using your study materials for my Civilservice exam’s general studies paper .Its really very useful for my studies.tnx for this videos.

  6. K F says:

    Thank you. You are very clear in your presentation and very informative. Your videos are very much appreciated!

  7. Loleta Mahmoud says:

    thank u very much ….this informations helped me alot

  8. RandyPhrs3hh says:

    Thank you..I have a test tomorrow and this clarified the information very well.

  9. FLoWzLax says:

    Love watching this instead of reading the book

  10. Rislyn Debbarma says:

    thank you so much.. this is very helpful!

  11. NerdyGeisha says:

    Pachinko, woo! Thank you so much for all of your videos (and your pachinko analogy, that really helped) 😀

  12. Gerson Asper says:

    You’re pretty awsome, but I do not think that trees will thank you lol

  13. Hannah Bickley says:

    Thank you so much ! This helped a lot!

  14. Jannik Kollmann says:

    A-level biology exam tomorrow, thanks so much

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