Molly’s Robot

Molly’s Robot

Image by splorp
Over the Christmas holidays, my daughter worked on this tethered robot project for her high school electronics technology class. They were supplied with a Ziploc® bag containing two low voltage DC motors, a handful of wooden and plastic wheels, a length of used telephone wire, and two pages of project criteria. Basically, they had to construct a device that could navigate an oval track under a user’s control.

As much as I wanted to dig right in and build this beast myself, I did the right “dad” thing and acted mainly as the technical advisor and salvage wrangler.

See the notes for information on the various components.

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  1. @corey Well, I suppose not. But it wouldn’t be very favourable or sportsmanlike behaviour on the test track at school. @grant Full to overflowing. Sins … hobbies … potato … pahtahto. @tony Thanks.

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