Mongoose Metrics Announces Phone Call Integration with CRM Vendor Microsoft Dynamics

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) June 17, 2010

Mongoose Metrics, an enterprise-level call tracking solutions provider, today announced its partnership with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a top provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software. The alliance provides Microsoft Dynamics CRM users with additional insight to understand which marketing initiatives generate phone calls and ultimately, with another functionality to more effectively convert prospects into sales.

By integrating call tracking data, Microsoft Dynamics practitioners now can immediately see a multitude of important data points, including: which marketing sources drive phone calls, which keywords cause the phone to ring, the last URL address callers visited before dialing, the callers entire click history before placing the call and the callers geographic location as well as numerous customizable features relevant to each clients specific sales needs.

The benefit of adding call tracking data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM lies in the push and pull of dynamic data, says Bradley Reynolds, chief executive officer of Mongoose Metrics. He adds, Its a smooth-running, two-way street with a data stream of phone calls and Microsoft Dynamics CRM data constantly updating each other.

For more specific information about how call tracking integrates with CRM providers, Mongoose Metrics offers a free whitepaper Call Tracking CRM Integration, available for download at

Currently, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps sales professional generate more leads, effectively market through multiple channels, optimize lead management, convert leads into customers, view all account-related information and activities, keep sales representatives working productively, analyze sales pipelines and see whats working and whats not.

In summary, CRM allows organizations to better acquire, manage, serve and extract value from their customers while improving operational efficiencysomething that is critical in todays economy. By providing a 360-degree customer view coupled with insightful analytics, Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives companies the foundation they need to maximize customer profitability.

You really dont have a complete view of customer activity without call tracking. Call tracking for CRM software adds an additional layer of intelligence which provides access to relevant information about customer activity through the entire sales cycle from marketing source to final sale, says Reynolds.

Overall, call tracking enables businesses to answer formerly mysterious marketing questions such as:

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