Mongoose Metrics First to Track Phone Sales through Speech Recognition

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) July 1, 2010

Mongoose Metrics, an enterprise-level call tracking solutions provider, today announced the launch of a patent-pending speech recognition solution called Conversation Conversion Dynamics (CCD). Finally, marketers can solve the persistent problem of understanding: How do I economically determine if a phone call has converted into a sale?” Conversation Conversion Dynamics helps clients accurately determine conversion events and provides actionable, real-time and quantifiable data to marketers about the effectiveness of their phone conversions.

How It Works: From the moment a stakeholder begins searching for you with an online search engine, social media network or traditional advertisement to the minute they hang up the phone following a conversation with your customer service representatives, Mongoose Metrics CCD solution records every move to reveal patterns of actions and behaviors. Our easy-to-understand, real-time reporting immediately illuminates target areas for change and process improvement online and over the phone. A comprehensive white paper will be released and available on July 7, 2010 at

Mongoose Metrics chief executive officer, Bradley E. Reynolds, says, Imagine CCD as Google for Phone Calls. Once the call data is recorded, searching for specific words, phrases and events across a number of variables such as date range, CSR, campaign, etc. to identify actionable improvements becomes as simple as searching for web pages indexed by Google.

Digging Deeper: Mongoose Metrics CCD is an overlay technology which can be layered on top of any companies current process as well as integrated with a myriad of bid management, web analytics and CRM providers. CCD is also integrated with our existing suite of call tracking products. With the addition of CCD, you now can drill inside of the phone call to see what types of conversations are happening and which are converting to sales, meetings or trigger events. CCD provides the ability to match on specific phrases and then group those phrases into business rule events so you can easily visualize the conversational flows your customers are having in real-time.

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