Mongoose Metrics Launches 2012 Data Series

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) February 22, 2012

Mongoose Metrics is a recognized leader in call tracking and conversion optimization. The company helps clients capture and analyze phone conversion data that enables them to make better business decisions. To help communicate the importance and excitement of data, Mongoose Metrics is launching a new online campaign titled Mongoose Metrics 2012 Data Series.

Mongoose Metrics co-founder, Jeff Tirey says, At its essence, Mongoose Metrics is a data company. We record, store, share and interpret data for our customers. Our technologies allow them to look at their marketing efforts and determine where theyre most effective and where they fall short. But beyond this, Mongoose Metrics is a strategic partner with our customers and we innovate ways of capturing and interpreting the data needed to make sound, actionable marketing decisions. The Mongoose Metrics 2012 Data Series is our way of contributing some interesting, relevant industry data that hopefully starts a new dialogue about leveraging data for business intelligence and decision making.

Mongoose Metrics will develop and share original data sets across a variety of topics including, mobile, e-commerce and social. Mongoose Metrics invites industry experts to analyze the data and provide their interpretation of the data sets. This process helps facilitate the dialogue among marketers and business analysts.

The first article in the Mongoose Metrics 2012 Data Series was released this week. Michael Martin, a Search Engine Land columnist, analyzed the mobile dataset provided by Mongoose Metrics. His article titled Less Than 10% of the Web in 2012 Is Mobile Ready points out that while 1 out of every 4 Web searches in 2012 comes from a mobile device, only about 9% of companies in the Quantcasts Top Million sites are mobile ready.

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About Mongoose Metrics

Mongoose Metrics is the enterprise leader in phone conversion optimization and call tracking solutions. Mongoose is the authority for exposing what happens before, during and after phone conversations to assist clients with actionable data for quick and effective marketing spending. The company developed the industrys first patent-pending phone call tracking technology which integrates phone call reports into third party web analytics packages such as Webtrends, Google Analytics and Omniture SiteCatalyst. The companys innovations also include keyword level tracking solutions for online marketers who need to understand what paid search (PPC) traffic is driving phone calls. For more information about Mongoose Metrics products and services visit, call 1.877.784.0496 or follow us on Twitter @mongoosemetrics.

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