Monogram Custom Pools Now Use Even Less Chemicals and Less Energy

Bethlehem, PA (PRWEB) May 27, 2013

As one of the most innovative, customer service focused pool builders in the PA, Monogram Custom Pools has engineered a swimming pool that requires virtually no maintenance and uses approximately 80% less energy that typical pools.

Monogram’s pool require:

1. no added chlorine due to the advanced salt water chlorination device

2. no weekly pH testing because of the automatic Intellichem pH balancing sytem

3. no monthly filter backwashing due to the oversized dual stage cartridge filter

4. no vacuuming because of the advanced robotic wall scrubbing cleaner

5. no weekly chlorine testing due to the Intellichem system

6. no hassles because all automated pools are remotely monitored from Monogram’s office.

Because Monogram Custom Pools is a division of Monogram Custom Homes, they have shown a unique ability to design in ground, concrete pools using an advanced 3D design software that truly showcases the beauty of their projects.

With the latest iPhone control update for controlling Monogram’s pools, customers can now have peace of mind knowing that their critical chemical levels are always monitored by Monogram’s Home Office.

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