Montage: Unboxing the Nexus 7 is fun!

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19 Responses to Montage: Unboxing the Nexus 7 is fun!

  1. bentheguy101 says:

    How to really unbox the Google Nexus 7 /watch?v=QbjAjmssAdw

  2. Elatips says:

    Knife + tape = open. I’m constantly confounded by the laziness our society lauds, ad nauseum. These people are putting videos out, yet cannot conquer the world marvel that is adhesive tape.

  3. mrgiggels2010 says:

    See people this is why you can still buy samurai swords in the mall. Thanks for combining these unboxings so I could see all the fucking retards not understand how paper can cardboard work. Gehh are humans really that dumb, come on people, don’t be these tards.

  4. Mike Lyu says:

    Why on earth would they seal it up that tight ? its not that serious I hate those apple like cases. Would have been mad if I broke mines in the process lol

  5. ItsTheNabica says:

    Google have processed enough search engine queries to know that people like a tight package.

  6. andreasvu says:

    OMG it made me tear laughing. I had slight issue with the outside cover but it wasn’t this hilarious LMAO

  7. BlitzrNation says:

    HaHa, at 1:53 he said “Asus and Google do not play around”…..(Google Play)

  8. soccerfan0829 says:

    Strange how I got this on my 10th bday while sitting in a car with no trouble to open it

  9. klumzypinoy says:

    Google: Making secure packaging since 2012

  10. klumzypinoy says:

    Best device to watch people unbox :]

  11. Jasna Leova says:

    this made my day :)

  12. AyameSakurai says:


  13. FlashyNexus says:

    the playground is open . . . . after unboxing it

  14. Qokyon Petersburg says:

    Fuck. Gaaaaaaays! Take the fucking nife. Don’t be idiot. Worst unboxing what i saw.

  15. sledmig says:

    Просто продукция Google не рассчитана на дебилов

  16. 11eleany says:

    OPEN IT RIGHT NOW! wingardium leviosa!

  17. dmitriiLIVE says:

    Раки ;D 

  18. mohsenkhatibi says:


  19. moonlightkisu says:

    not the easier box to open if you don’t want to destroy it, lol

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