Monthly Archives: July 2012

Monthly Archives: July 2012
This is true only when the envious impulses are fully consented to; however, often they are mere emotional impressions, or at most, feelings in which there is but little reflection and will. These latter constitute only a venial fault. Merely to grieve …
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Students learn about life without limits
"As we see these technological advances, the line between man and machine is becoming blurred," he said. Alexis "Lexy" … In telling her story, she said she experienced many of the same emotions the fictional character in "The Running Dream" experienced.
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Joe Garagiola's soundtrack lives on –
It's funny how time has eroded our memory banks: The first World Series that I recall ever experiencing the roller-coaster-ride of emotions was in 1975. I was 11. … But now, in 2013, it's not just Fisk, the Green Monster and the Big Red Machine that …
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