Morgellons/Nanotech poisoning – clinging to alfalfa tablets in my tub

after reading a story from another sufferer who had said she found a cure, I filled my tub with oxyclean and alfalfa tabs. Sadly, they hadn’t disappeared. Your looking at the morgellons that have attached themselves to what’s left of the tabs.
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8 thoughts on “Morgellons/Nanotech poisoning – clinging to alfalfa tablets in my tub

  1. U-bots. Microscopic Nanites that build magneto-dynamic polimer fibers incessently in atmosphere and flesh. My sources tell me at first only 3 states were involved in that initial chemtrail experiment in US. (thousands of types of exp’s.) Now that supplies are replenished, rebuilt, ‘nanites’ are resuming. When I asked why these u-bots are being used. Source said, “No human needed.” My source confirmed my assessments regarding Clintonville booms. And that our US gov’t is complicit w/TTA network.

  2. Hi, I’m so sorry you are having to deal with this unbelievable horror. I had a question (I don’t know if anyone can help me) but I took my first bath in grape juice about 2 weeks ago and did find 100’s of black things. But with each new bath (used what you did) I found less and less. At first I was very glad, but I noticed with my cheap microscope that my skin would have a few BEFORE the baths and then AFTER bath there are thousands at the surface of my skin but not coming out? Any ideas? Peace.

  3. I read where a lady used Sun Laundry Detergent with the Alphalpha tabs and it went away……..she used a whole bunch of the Alphalpha tab with the Sun. The Sun Laundry Detergent had to have COLOR SAFE BLEACH in it. I went to all of the stores around and only could find PLAIN Sun. Finally, I found a store out in the next town over that had it. I bought 4 boxes of it! Now, just get the Alfapha Tablets………

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