Morrowind/Skyrim Theme Piano Violin Medley – Taylor Davis and Lara

Lara and I just released a video game album together titled “Game On: 2 Player Mode.” Here’s where you can check it out: Also available on Amazon, Google Play and my personal website! Also check out my video game cover album “Gaming Fantasy” on iTunes! Also available on Amazon, Google Play, Zune Hi everyone! This is Lara6683 and my rendition of the Elder Scrolls Morrowind and Skyrim themes! Lara is an extremely talented pianist and violinist who also covers a wide variety of video game and other types of music and you should definitely check out her awesome channel! Lara also did the vocals that you hear throughout the piece! http We made up our own arrangements, so there’s no sheet music sorry. Hope you like it! Original song composed by Jeremy Soule Lara’s Facebook
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Morrowind/Skyrim Theme Piano Violin Medley – Taylor Davis and Lara

  1. phil jamieson says:

    i think i’m in love..

  2. Remy Nouweland says:

    Nicely done :) i love it !

  3. piahoffi12 says:


  4. essereumano2000 says:


  5. DisturbedSoulCD says:

    :( i love this song i love very much this song

  6. LeDeadDeMw3 says:

    A very good song <3

  7. DoctorBlargz says:

    Dude is there A FUCKING SPIDER ON MY SCREEN???!?!?!??!??! OH SHIITITIrghrfhfhfg

  8. InsurtUsarNaim says:

    Someone’s butthurt because they got wrecked by those damn elves! You’re a coward for even bending knee to them!

  9. Lamadredetuamigo says:

    Screw Skyrim… ALL HAIL THE SONS OF MORROWIND!!!! Horse is so yummy :3

  10. IceLizardsUnited says:

    Woah This song was used in the Skywind announcement trailer! 0_o watch?v=vru8HIvq_Ek

  11. Jarl Balgruuf says:


  12. TheDeAdbLiTz says:

    I want to friend the shit out of the violinist. <3

  13. Spongebobjosh says:

    shutup autistic nerd

  14. nerijus359 says:

    We’ll use hand gestures instead then! 😀 … wait a minute…

  15. whoisthisscottperson says:

    just fantastic

  16. Derpman44 says:

    I could have sworn I saw that spider move on your profile pic 

  17. ELFUshow says:

    Correcion: […] people without “s”

  18. linus blumenthal says:

    im in love!

  19. xtremesheep says:

    the morrowind theme gives me an orgasm

  20. MyEternalElysium says:

    It was both Morrowind and Skyrim.

  21. MyEternalElysium says:

    The transition from the Morrowind theme to the Skyrim one was perfect!

  22. OTLdl says:


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