Mortgage Branch Opportunities in Houston And Loan Officer Jobs Are Being Offered By Recruiting Firm

Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 10, 2014

Mortgage net branch opportunities and loan officer jobs in Houston have been tough to find the last year. But now, is pleased to announce that top mortgage net branch companies are looking to open brick and mortar locations in Houston and other large cities in Texas. Many of these mortgage lenders are licensed in multiple state giving brokers and loan officers more home owners to market to. Mortgage bank branches fosters a unique teamwork-focused environment, in which all employees work together toward the common goal of providing outstanding personalized customer service. By working with a mortgage banker they can provide technology enhancements that can improve compliance, underwriting and eligibility guidelines, which in turn will improve consistency in loan production. The best mortgage bank branches will always have the capacity to meet and beat business goals and objectives, and an organization of properly trained loan officers can pave the way for a mortgage net branch company to be a success. The consulting firm is advertising these business partnerships for branches in all the usual mortgage forums looking for qualified candidates to open a mortgage banker branch. To find out more about the new job opportunities available through the consulting firm call 877-998-7474 or visit,

The recruiting firm knows that the mortgage industry has certainly changed since before the mortgage collapse. With many new laws and regulations it can take months to become licensed to originate a home loan. Kevin Leonard, a spokesperson from the consulting firm stated I am glad that we can finally offer mortgage branches and loan officer positions in Houston. The most important thing to look for today in a mortgage banker is turn times and approvals without any overlays. Having the ability to work with a bank that is Fannie, Freddie and Ginnie direct is the only way to ensure fast approvals with no overlays or long underwriting times. The mortgage consulting firm says that the mortgage bankers that they have partnered with are looking to open up multiple locations in the state and have plans to hire a full support staff to support them. There will be job openings for loan processors and underwriters to help with the new branches home loan process.

The mortgage recruiting and consulting company employs a professional search engine optimization consultant to help promote the new mortgage loan officer jobs in Texas. The firm uses social media sites, video sharing websites, and mortgage banking forums to assist the company to help with the new acquisition of loan officers. The company is always looking for those looking for mortgage net branch opportunities everywhere in the county to partner them with the right mortgage lender. To find out more about the mortgage firm, or the services they provide, contact the company directly and speak with one of the recruiting managers. Interested parties can also visit one of the companys Facebook pages,

About the company: was started after the mortgage crisis to help struggling loan officers and net branches find mortgage banks that were able to sustain through the tough times. Since then the company has built relationships with banks and brokers throughout the county and helps place mortgage loan officers with job and branch opportunities. The company also helps connect some of their banker clients with a scratch and dent residential mortgage loan outlet to help clear warehouse lines.

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Phone: 877-889-7474

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