Most Popular SEO Tips for November 2012 Announced by JM Internet Group

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) December 09, 2012

The JM Internet Group (web:, a leader in providing SEO Tips for small businesses online, is proud to release its November, 2012, list of the top SEO Tips. The list is built on actual inbound search queries hitting the company’s massive list of SEO tips for small business marketers and therefore reflects the ‘pain points’ experienced by small businesses as they seek to get to the top of Google via search engine optimization.

“Our SEO Tips section is built on actual student question and answers in our online SEO classes,” explained Jason McDonald, director of the JM Internet Group. “The November list of the most popular SEO tips reveals new trends in SEO, such as a massive wave of puzzlement of where Google moved the advanced search features (from the left to the top of the search screen). The SEO tips list shows how badly non-intuitive the new layout of the Google page is.”

For more information and the actual SEO tips list, go to –

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Getting to the top of Google is a key marketing objective for most businesses and marketers. That’s what Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO,” is all about. The company’s online SEO training classes offer hands-on, step-by-step instructions on how to get to the top of Google for businesses and marketers. YouTube marketing makes up a major component of the company’s social media marketing efforts.

As part of each SEO training class, Jason McDonald answers student inquiries. These SEO tips then post to the website and because of the company’s successful SEO strategy become targets for inbound search queries via Google. Next the company has data on what tips are the most popular, creating an amazing feedback loop of SEO training and success strategies.

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