Most Visited Websites in 2011!!!

This video is about the top 10 visited websites of 2011. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube and Bing are included in the top 5. Stalk me on Facebook http://www…

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6 Responses to Most Visited Websites in 2011!!!

  1. Rauhinnen says:

    google and facebook makes sense but yahoo?

  2. ZZImASlyFoxz says:

    everybody goes on google each day

  3. Usman Razaque says:

    Google is obvious

  4. RayWiIIamJohns0n says:

    hmm I thought youtube was more popular than facebook.

  5. MrXboxUser says:

    i was thinking there would be at least ONE porn website!

  6. abeerhkhan says:

    I didn’t watch it in while, may be that’s why it didn’t make it up there. *wink* *wink*

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