move technology to invisibility

move technology to invisibility

Image by Will Lion
Computer technology is undergoing the same disappearance. If the information revolution succeeds, the standalone desktop computer will eventually vanish. Its chips, its lines of connection, even its visual interfaces will submerge into our environment until we are no longer conscious of their presence (except when they fail). As the network age matures, we’ll know that chips and glass fibers have succeeded only when we forget them. Since the measure of a technology’s success is how invisible it becomes, the best long-term strategy is to develop products and services that can be ignored.

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  1. I absolutely love your mashups here. This really is an amazing resource for anyonw who has a set of beliefs along the lines of the text quoted around this set. Wow. Thanks a ton for sharing. I used this one in a blog post yesterday entitled: "It’s Not About The Technology" (attributed of course) =>… I hope you approve. 😉 Sean

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