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(PRWEB) August 10, 2012

Having a great looking website is not going to move your site into the top search engine rankings. To get to the top, you need professional SEO company.

Adalta, , is one of the UKs newest and best SEO companies, offering experienced writers and designers. Adaltas team is composed of people who have worked for advertising and consulting agencies, public relations firms and website designers.

We have brought together an unsurpassed team of professionals who know this business from every direction, said Joe Lineker, a search consultant for . You get the same kind of service from the giants in London but at a fraction of the cost of these SEO companies.

SEO is important, Mr. Lineker said, because it is the major tool customers used when searching the internet. Any time someone goes to a search engine to look something up, they type in words. These are called keywords.

Keywords matter tremendously, he said.

What are the most used search words people use when looking for a company like yours? Thats something you also must stay on top of because the keywords can change over time, he said. Another important item is how are the words used?

Knowing what the most used keywords are is only part of the necessary equation, he said.

Youve got to use those keywords correctly and in context. Youve got to use the keywords in original content, he said. Just strings of keywords is not going to help. Using the same copy over and over actually pushes a websites ranking down. Search engines look for original and non-duplicated work.

Native English speakers are very important for this task, he said. Hiring non-native English speakers results in odd syntax which will make customers reject a website.

If your SEO article is riddled with spelling and grammar errors, customers are not going to believe you can deliver the promises you make online, he said. Youll lose business. Thats why its important to hire a professional SEO company like .

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