Movies as Prophecies? polyDNA Sends a Letter to the CDC Suggesting the Organization Watch More Movies

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) April 22, 2013

The polyDNA letter to the CDC mentions that the recent bombing of the Boston marathon and the surprisingly prophetic description of a similar event in the Family Guy television series is frightening. The public reacted with an outcry. Why? Is it because TV became too real? Is it because the public prefers to think of TV as only entertainment and fictional? Does such a reaction remind you of something? Does it remind you of the Biblical publics reaction to the prophecies of the Old Testament?

What was the Fox Networks reaction to the outcry? The reaction was the removal of the Family Guy episode. What was the Biblical reaction to the old prophecies? The same. Havent we learned anything from Sunday sermons?

polyDNA’s Mike Davis noted that, “In retrospect, it is not surprising that many movies predicted the future. After all, movies are created by some of the most creative, most intuitive people on the planet. This is very much like the prophets of old. Is it possible that the Biblical prophets were no more than people with amazing intuition like the screenwriters and directors of today? Some might argue that intuition comes from God, but lets not go there.”

Due to current events in China, authorities are investigating a new strain of bird flu that has infected over 82 people and killed at least 17. The number of infections could rapidly rise according to Chinese health officials. Because of the severity of the outbreak, The WHO said a team of experts going to China soon would examine whether the virus can be spread between people. (1)

Mike Davis again pointed out that “This event is eerily similar to the events depicted in the film, ‘Contagion.'”

In this film, an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC to deal with a deadly viral outbreak that started in China. In that 2011 medical thriller, businesswoman Beth Emhoff stops in Chicago to have a secret meeting with an old boyfriend after a business trip to China. She then returns to her family in suburban Minneapolis. She appears to have contracted a cold during her trip but ends up dying two days later. Her son dies too and eventually hundreds of thousands of other people die from the outbreak. (2)

The scientists at polyDNA were horrified at the thought that the current events in China may evolve along the same lines as those depicted in the film. In the film, so many people die that societal breakdown becomes inevitable.

In light of this, polyDNA sent a letter to the CDC. In the letter, polyDNA urges the CDC to learn from the mistakes of the CDC officials depicted in the movie. In other words, the CDC should treat the film as a simulation, a possible future that the organization can prepare for and possibly prevent. A simulation is a very powerful learning tool extensively used to teach pilots, combat soldiers, budding managers in business schools, as well as health officials.

In this instance, polyDNA would hate to be in a position of being right. The biotech firm therefore urges the CDC not to allow the movie to become an accurate prophecy. The CDC should instead do all it can to prove the predictions of the movie wrong.



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