Movies on a Mobile

Movies on a Mobile
Event on 2017-06-29 10:00:00
Video is now integral to marketing and communications. It gives the chance to tell your story in a way that grabs attention unlike any other media. As digital marketing and social media moves towards film and visual content, it is vital to be able to create eye-catching films to share with your audiences. With the advances in mobile technology, it is now possible to capture great quality film on a device that you carry around in your pocket, you just need to know how! Learn the skills needed to plan, script, record and edit professional videos on a small budget in this practical workshop. Telling your stories in film will help raise your profile, promote your work and create buzz around your campaigns.

 Ideal for you if you want to use video but have limited experience and budget. We will provide some mics, tripods and laptops on the day, but you should bring along any filmmaking equipment such as smartphones or tablets – the focus of the session is on best practice for mobile devices (iPhone and Android). Learning objectives: Understand how to plan and prepare before filming Learn the theory behind framing interviews and shooting cutaways and action sequences Know more about the equipment and methods needed to get good sound Get started on cheaply editing your footage into user-friendly videos for YouTube and other websites Understand how to work with lighting, sound, picture, background and equipment Level: Beginner – new to shooting footage on your mobile and editing it in iMovie.  Audience: Charity/voluntary/community organisation staff engaging with audiences, participants and service users (e.g. marketing, comms, PR, press, fundraising, volunteers) Those who want to make videos for projects/output work, record testimonials, vox pops, case studies and success stories to raise awareness, campaign and promote their charity Those who need to learn the basics, have limited budget and little/no experience, and are looking for a practical hands-on introduction. VAT will be charged at 20%

at Media Trust, 4th Floor, Block A
Centre House , 56 Wood Lane, Shepherds Bush
London, United Kingdom

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