Moving From Marketing Myths to Truths

Moving From Marketing Myths to Truths
Many executives with fabulous accomplishments in the pre-digital world continue to live by a set of beliefs about what marketing is and what it is not. These stand in the way of putting the huge potential of this function to work to meet business goals …
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Kirtland's FSS marketing team tops in Air Force
Meaghan Russo, left, and Joanne Perkins of the 377th Force Support Squadron marketing program show their level of commitment to sponsored events by dressing up for a Glow Run. The program won best marketing program in the Air Force. (Courtesy …
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Tiny 'Ant-Man' Billboards Appearing in Public as Part of Clever Marvel
So far, they only seem to be located in Australia (there have been sightings in Brisbane, Melbourne and Queensland), but hopefully they'll expand this mini-marketing campaign to the rest of the world. If you're thinking about stealing one though …
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