Mozenda: The Web Data Extractor That’s Giving Companies the Edge Over Their Competition

Duluth, MN (Vocus) July 8, 2009

Up-to-date information on the market and the competition is key to the success of any business. Mozenda has made finding this information easier than ever with their convenient, easy to use web data collection software.

“Mozenda is a first of its kind technology that grabs web content and puts it into usable formats,” says COO Mark McInnis.

Mozenda allows companies to gather generic data off the web as well as target specific areas of interest, such as competitor product data gathering, price comparison and analysis, customer lead generation, supplier product data gathering, research and intelligence, news and information monitoring and RSS creation and distribution.

Mozenda is the only resource available that offers visual web content data mining. The program has helped thousands of companies to do everything from harvest leads to search out price comparisons. Mozenda also gives webmasters the resources they need to grab content from several different web sources and seamlessly blend them together.

Mozenda’s tools allow companies to harvest content from Twitter, blogs and other social media, download images and files and easily automate data collection and data publishing. is among the first to take Mozenda for a test drive. The company initially found it very difficult to locate chocolate artisans to add to their list of vendors. Using Mozenda they’ve been able to aggregate chocolatiers from around the world.

“These shops all care about one thing-making great chocolate,” states McInnis. “We’re helping them and helping people find the best chocolate in the world, and the Mozenda web crawler has been the conduit to bring the data to us.” McInnis adds, “We were amazed at the simplicity of the product.”

Using Mozenda, was able to locate and gather information on over 3,000 unique chocolate companies in a matter of minutes, all of them waiting to be contacted to have their products uploaded into the system. The company hopes to be the first chocolate distributor to network the U.S. with chocolatiers and provide customers with one day delivery like that offered by They believe Mozenda is the tool that’s going to help make it happen.

About Mozenda:

Mozenda is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that enables users of all types to easily and affordably extract and manage web data. With Mozenda, users can set up agents that routinely extract data, store data, and publish data to multiple destinations. Once information is in the Mozenda systems users can format, repurpose, and mashup the data to be used in other online/offline applications or as intelligence. All data in the Mozenda system is secure and is hosted in class A data warehouses but can be accessed over the web securely via the Mozenda Web Console. With the addition of a fully featured REST API, Companies can now seamlessly integrate their applications with the Mozenda data automation system. For more information on Mozenda web scraping software and services, please email us at sales (at) mozenda (dot) com.


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