MP3 Players

Christian writes: “It would be cool to see some thing done on MP3 players.”
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17 Responses to MP3 Players

  1. jimdidr says:

    too far, do you have any useless mini-discs? …that i can load into my phone? my phone that is not an iPhone.

  2. kodan50 says:

    Does it make anyone feel better if I tell you all that I recently found a working 8-track recorder with two recordable 8-track tapes? Anyone?

  3. qszwax57 says:

    I think I played my mom’s gameboy more than she did :P

  4. GeekyGirl1011 says:

    I know, I’m 15, and it makes me feel older, I mean the GameBoy and that that was only like 1990s or early 2000s!

  5. qszwax57 says:

    I still feel young, but when I look back at recording the radio with cassette tapes, I feel so old…

  6. GeekyGirl1011 says:

    Haha, I still have a PS2 XD Yes, I am the cassette….. I will be the cassette…

  7. Jesse Alvarado says:

    Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 look it up you won’t be disappointed ! :)

  8. ChildsViewReviews says:

    Yuck! Playstation! But… yeah… Love the cassette… Be the cassette…

  9. Julius Spin says:

    Philips 😉

  10. XzeroX999 says:

    IMO, you either get an iPod Touch for the apps ect, or a Sony Walkman. iPod are just too damn expensive, and they offer the same kind of thing.

  11. AUTISMEblog says:

    maybe be proud of owning one will help.

  12. GeekyGirl1011 says:

    Hmmm…. That’s true, wonder how we could make Sony go Universal again?

  13. AUTISMEblog says:

    sony still makes mp3-players and there really good. there just not as a status symbol anymore as ipods are.

  14. Dane Ecklund says:

    i bought 3 computers from best buy, and they all crashed when i turned them on, i don’t buy things from best buy anymore. The sad part, is that that incident convinced me to buy a mac….

  15. SirezX says:

    @XadorKatal It’s cool…I just found it rather funny to be honest…haha…sounds fun though for jumping off a bridge

  16. XadorKatal says:

    My apologies, SirezX, I was unable to explain further in the 500 character limit. I live on an island that experiences the highest tides in the world so a bridge that is almost empty at low tide has enough water within it to jump safely from a two story building at high tide. It is a great deal of fun, though jumping time only lasts an hour or so. :)

  17. SirezX says:

    @XadorKatal “A few years ago my associates were jumping off the bridge where I live (it’s a pass time),” this statement completely lost me to the rest of what you were saying 0.o xD

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