MP3 Players

Christian writes: “It would be cool to see some thing done on MP3 players.”
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  1. i bought 3 computers from best buy, and they all crashed when i turned them on, i don’t buy things from best buy anymore. The sad part, is that that incident convinced me to buy a mac….

  2. My apologies, SirezX, I was unable to explain further in the 500 character limit. I live on an island that experiences the highest tides in the world so a bridge that is almost empty at low tide has enough water within it to jump safely from a two story building at high tide. It is a great deal of fun, though jumping time only lasts an hour or so. 🙂

  3. @XadorKatal “A few years ago my associates were jumping off the bridge where I live (it’s a pass time),” this statement completely lost me to the rest of what you were saying 0.o xD

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