[MP3] SNSD – The Boys (ENG VER)

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13 Responses to [MP3] SNSD – The Boys (ENG VER)

  1. fruitflyhunter says:

    no its call all emergency 

  2. crystalbehyn says:

    SNSD I love you!!

  3. 2NE1BommieCharm says:

    Laugh out loud Out loud Out loud?

  4. CDCN017 says:

    And I agree XD

  5. pnungki says:


  6. XxKoReAnDrEaMsxX says:

    @3:04 you hear chungmin’s voice

  7. flikana3012 says:

    I love their English.

  8. chaerin fomai says:

    we bring the boys out yeaaaaaaaahh THE BOYS ARE OUT

  9. macf1soon says:

    True, popular music in America are just about feel good productions or in a club song… The Boys lyrics isn’t relevant to me. But the beat sounds cool.

  10. songrimaelovesujuELF says:

    yeah i totally agree with you …

  11. songrimaelovesujuELF says:

    we’re born to win better tell all your friends coz we get it in you know the girls BRING THE BOYS OUT!

  12. MEP439 says:

    I’m American, the english makes perfect sense. American music now doesn’t have much meaning so this is good enough,

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