MTG tournament (Constructed)

MTG tournament (Constructed)
Event on 2013-02-03 09:30:00
Magic: The Gathering tournaments – weekly on Sundays at the Claremont Chess Club. With Prizes.

We play Standard (Type 2), Extended, Legacy (sometimes), Vintage (rarely), Block Constructed, 2 Headed Giant, Team tournaments, etc.

Keep an eye on the LuckShack Forums for updates about what particular format we are playing this week. Go to for organiser contact details and a link to the forums where you can find updates, and can subscribe to the Google Calendar of events, which are updated more frequently than Eventful.

Cost for constructed varies from R10 for single elimination events, R20 for regular events, and various other prices depending on the format and level of prizes.

(Click on the venue name for a map)

at Claremont Chess Club
Cape Town, South Africa

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