Multi-Level Marketers Can Do More For Less With A Dynamic New Training System From Matrix Management Group

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 13, 2006

One of the biggest mistakes new internet business owners make is failing to educate themselves sufficiently about the how to of business on the internet. Most new or part time marketers spend way too much time looking for what to market and how to get a quick score. Matrix Management Group has just released a training system called “Traffic Mountain for those looking to develop a successful home based business or a currently existing one.

“You can’t speak any language without the alphabet, so how can you create a successful company without knowing the basics of building a business?” asked Matrix co-founder Eric DeRose.

According to Matrix co-founder Eric Levi, the “…yours isn’t working so buy mine” business doesnt work any more. There are a lot of internet business systems. Many are premised upon other people duplicating or replicating a business model. Problem is that not everyone is playing with the same internet, computer or business ability. They often have different time, job and family circumstances that make it impossible to duplicate something others are doing. So if you get lucky, and your system works, thats a great thing but it is rare. More often than not, the people who are trying to duplicate the system have less time, desire, and dedication than those who market full time on the internet and make a lot of money. Even the go getters of the world cant duplicate a system premised upon others doing things to put money in their pockets.

Levi adds what you end up with is the dog chasing the tail syndrome. Thats where there is a central person, lets call him Up line, and Up lines function is to locate others and sell them on his opportunity. He hopes that these people will be interested and able to duplicate his system, lets call those people down line. Well what instruction does up line tell down line to help them build a business? What tools does he have in his opportunity to teach down line how to duplicate his abilities?

Levi states that in my experience the answer was always the same. Buy more leads, make more calls ands work harder and youll make more. That is what Mr. up line tells Mr. Down line and in many cases, well intentioned as Mr. Up line is, thats all he says. To me, that was what my boss at my last job used to tell me when he didnt have any answers, Levi adds. Well why any one would want that, when most people already have a job and hear that everyday. Many people start home based businesses for extra money with the hope of getting better answers than that and, one day, getting rid of their boss for good. Thats why I started Levi says. What happens so often is failure so you have people scrambling around looking for the next hot item or the flavor of the month? The internet fad of the month club Levi calls it.

What happens is you have marketers making calls all day and night telling people that mine is better than yours, so quit yours and join mine and youll make money. Then comes the nightly opportunity call where some unknown person, whose the up line of all up lines tells everyone to get out there and sell. High pressure sales and questionable representations about how much money they are going to make if they just let the system do the work. That almost always involves a three way call to better beat down the poor potential customer until he grudgingly takes out his wallet and buys in. Not knowing any better, the new client is given some web page and a duplicate opt in so that now his potential customers can get into the sales page and get sold.


Matrix Management offers two outstanding solutions to this dilemma. First, Lead Mountain a list building system that offers unique one of kind information to teach how to get paid first with solid retail products instead of hoping others will do what they are supposed to do. Yuck MLM, its not a dirty word but without some quality retail product and a set of instructions, such as Lead Mountain, its a recipe for disaster. Always was and will be. DeRose ads we tried all of the opportunities and they were basically the same. Empty promises with no substance to help people build a business of their own.

Lead Mountain, MMGs version of the List Dragon, has a FREE Newsletter, two free audio CDs, a free PDF and free 800 recordings accessible to customers and allows them to listen and learn for FREE without having any sales people calling. Its an information era. So why not give as much information as you can so that up line can make sure that down line can build a business. In that regard its a bonanza for up line and down line. Every body wins. It also creates independence in a business that seems to foster dependence for those who are sick and tired of being told what to do!

Once you learn how to set up and build a business, and you know the basics, youve given yourself a real chance at success says Levi. Lead Mountain is a blueprint for building down line, becoming up line and being able to stand in front of people and say now I know how. Then there are endless possibilities out there. Derose and Levi both insist that once you can build a business on the Internet, you can build multiple businesses at the same time. But you must know the basics Levi points out again.

Matrix Management also offers a turbo, ramp-up explosive software package that will absolutely blow up your competitors. Levi says, We have tested them all and only offer for sale those products we have tested, know work and use everyday ourselves. Matrix Management offers a FREE seven day commando lesson course that explains the basic understanding of how the internet works and then after some FREE test runs, how to jack up the volume to maximum and watch as your golden ATM begins to turn chaos into cash.

Traffic Mountain is Matrix Managements newest course that explains how the company literally exploded their business off the charts in about six months. Levi says we were absolutely no where and getting no where quickly. The Traffic Mountain products, together and separately, can let the professional full time marketer provide a solution to the problem of down line duplication. DeRose adds, wouldnt it be explosive if your down line could build a business as big and as fast as you did? Levi points out, what if you got paid before your down line showed up or was ever needed in the first place?

Levi says that Traffic Mountain also levels the playing field in that new comers and part timers have a blueprint to follow that wont break the bank and still allows explosive growth and expertise with click of the button speed and accuracy.

We saw the results as our web site became one of the top 100,000 most popular web sites (since March 15, 2006), says Levi. Doesnt sound like much, buy having a web site or web pages that are in the top 1% of all sites in the world makes it really fun and profitable. Its a numbers game after that. The more you can create thousands of key word enriched pages that people use to find your product or service on the internet, the more people can find you amongst the tens of millions of web sites in the world. Its like having ten thousand lottery tickets instead of one.

Traffic Mountain also teaches how to use pay per click advertisement to create a finite budget and guaranteed instant traffic to your web pages. When we did the cold calling, high pressure sales, we were the hunters. Now with these software tools and a basic understanding of the internet we get millions of views every month, We have gone from hunter to hunted says DeRose.

Traffic Mountain teaches 10 of the hottest secrets that will allow you to never pay for leads or traffic again. Link popularity, Search Engine Optimization, content infusion, with articles, blogs, and pinging services that let the search engine know, that there is new content rich information t

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