Multiple Tweets Gradient

Multiple Tweets Gradient

Image by mkhmarketing
Please feel free to use this Twitter image under the creative commons license.

I created the graphic to drive traffic to my marketing blog as part of a buzz-building assignment for a graduate degree.

Please attribute, link, like and comment –

Help me explore the concept of online quid pro quo. You get great visual content and I get extra credit in my emerging media class. Or at least that’s the cunning plan…

Also, if you have an idea for a custom graphic you need for your own blog or website, please share with me at I’ll give it my best shot to create something for you.

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3 Responses to Multiple Tweets Gradient

  1. i_still_believe_in_u says:

    splendid artistic composition!!

  2. mkhmarketing says:

    [] The Twitter birds are a fun logo to play with. I love corporations that can sum up their brand with such a simple graphic without relying on text. Target is a good example, their bulls-eye is genius.

  3. Mirja_VM says:

    Thank you for this picture! I used it as a background on my presentation in Slideshare and my blog (in Finnish).

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