Muse-ing on a new way to Create the Web

Muse-ing on a new way to Create the Web
Event on 2013-02-28 18:00:00

Join as on a journey to creating websites with out EVER touching the code… Enter Adobe Muse. A tool designed specifically for people who are used to the workflow of Adobe InDesign to embrace web design without the headaches of learning html or touching code.

User Group Member and Muse Beta Tester Adam Bucci will be taking us on a tour of the Adobe Muse workflow.

Adam will be showing us just how easy it is for even a novice to create a website in about an hour. YES.. PRINT DESIGNERS.. this means YOU!!!!

Work along with Adam as you create a simple four page website that will include a home page, a portfolio gallery, a contact page, and a blog page from the materials you'll be able to download during the session. So bring your laptop and make sure you sign up for the Adobe Muse demo and download the software prior to the meeting.

 What is Adobe Muse?


Adobe® Muse™ software enables designers to create HTML websites for desktop and mobile devices, without writing code. Design web-standard sites, like you design print layouts. Use familiar features, hundreds of web fonts, and built-in tools to add interactivity.  Then, publish with the Adobe Business Catalyst® service and redeem site hosting support, or publish

with any hosting provider.



Adam will attempt to answer any questions after the main presentation.


About our Presenter: Adam Bucci


Adam was born and raised in London, England. Rabid Arsenal FC Supporter. Worked at eight newspapers in the bay area in ad graphics, editorial design, marketing and promotions and pre-press. He learnt html by backward engineering established websites – and subsequently forgot html over the years. Adam has been using macs as a creative tool since 1986. He moved to Las Vegas in 2000, where he went to work as graphics editor at the Las Vegas Sun. During his time at the Sun, Adam replaced Quark Xpress with InDesign and got new G5s to replace the aging G5s. In 2005, he left The Sun and worked as senior designer at Greenspun Media Group, working primarily of one off special publications. After Greenspun, Adam became the Art Director for DAVID magazine, responsible for creating the look and feel of the publication, its website and all collateral.


Adam is currently a freelance designer, photographer and art director of Golfing Nevada and Golfing Oregon Magazines. He is also a certified jet engine mechanic.


Adam has been actively involved with Muse since 2010, when he was invited by Adobe to participate in the private beta testing. From that time, until its release, Adam has seen the program grow from a simple layout program to an almost ready for primetime website creation tool. 


Using Adobe Business Catalyst in your web design business

Eugene Willams will take the podium after Adam and show us how you can use Adobe's Business Catalyst (free with your Creative Cloud Membership) to take the new site you've just built in Muse and publish it to the web with no external hosting account needed. 


  • What is Adobe Business Catalyst? – An introduction of its features and benefits.

  • Why is it different from your current web hosting service?

       Reports, Client access, SEO, Responsive Designs

  • Merging Adobe Muse, Adobe Edge Animate and Adobe Business Catalyst and Incorporating third party applications into your projects

  • How to save on your subscription costs – Taking advantage of InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, & WordPress to add the same components available in the high-end subscription plans.

About our Presenter: Eugene Williams

Eugene Williams was the manager of the Adobe Acrobat User group and is now answering questions posted on the Adobe Acrobat User Group web site ( He's a freelance developer of web sites, PDF JavaScripts, Facebook page enhancements, and was one of our past presenters. With a background in teaching at the community college level, you'll be treated to a classroom experience that promotes retention of the information being presented.


at UNLV Continuing Education – Paradise Campus, Room 511
851 East Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, United States

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