Music and Entertainment Promoters Flock to Buy Real Marketing to Give New Artists Online Fame

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) September 07, 2012

In a recent internal study of the composition of its clientele, Buy Real Marketing, a trusted worldwide provider of Web 2.0 applications including social media traction, discovers that the newest and highest bulk of the company’s clients are emissaries of celebrities in the film, entertainment, and music industries. These promoters are building the next stars to grace the MTV Video Music Awards and other acclaimed events in the future.

Whilst Buy Real Marketing initially have small businesses and brands in mind when they started offering their services, with the best-selling ones being increasing Twitter followers and getting more YouTube views for their business marketing through social media, the company ascertained through numerous feedback from customers and a recently concluded study that a very large percentage of their clients and resellers are connected with the entertainment industry.

The results come as no surprise at all. In its grassroots, social networks aim to be the medium of every individual’s self-expression. In YouTube, for example, anybody can be an actor, a singer, a performer. In Twitter, anybody can promote and show themselves to the world and gain a massive following of people to reinforce their fame.

Social networks are discovery platforms for tomorrows brightest stars and sure enough, Buy Real Marketing has been the trusted company of promoters around the world to avail services from to thrust their talents/clients to the center stage. The services they avail are mainly:

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